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    About Love Live! Cover Group Project

    Love Live! Cover Group Project!

    This is not a first come first serve casting call! Each audition will be considered by the current group members before they are approved to join. We will have this casting call open for as long as we need members.

    Project Image and our audio clips will be added later.

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    We are currently looking for a Pure first year! Please read everything in this project description.

    Have you ever wanted to be a school idol singing Love Live! songs without doing impressions on existing idols? No? Come on, it'll be fun! If you said yes, read on this extremely long project description! (I am so sorry in advance.)

    Love Live! Cover Group Project is an original character fan cover group that will be covering Love Live! songs in Japanese. The name of the idol group is yet to be decided on until we gain all nine members, but the project series will be named the Love Live! Cover Group Project.

    Our goal is to be the most fan-interactive and original Love Live! group out there! This will be a time extensive project because singing is not all we’ll be doing! We will be designing just about everything from scratch as a team.

    To make this cover group truly unique, we will be creating English voiced main stories that are collaboratively written by the group along with special stories that focus on individual idols. Each of the group member will be encouraged to write with everyone in order to make an enjoyable storyline.

    As for the fan-interactive content: Sub-unit formations and sub-unit naming will voted on by fans through polls on the group's Tumblr blog. Depending on the story's direction and fan input, we will have Easter eggs in our media! Members of the Love Live! Cover Group Project will be expected to be in-character while replying to Tumblr asks.

    Our Tumblr blog still needs some work before it is released to the public.

    We ask that you are dedicated to this project and are able to contribute to the group. Helping out by lending a hand in art, graphics, writing, research, video making, audio mixing, character design, peer reviewing, getting the group more exposure, or just being active in conversations will help tremendously in overall group morale!

    You will be expected to take constructive feedback for your character design and your skills to ensure quality for the project and good relations.

    If you have trouble with Japanese pronunciations, we'll try to help you since some of us aren't good at it either! While not everyone in the group are fluent in Japanese, it is easier to peer review when you have the original songs to reference from!

    Because this project highly relies on group input revolves around original characters: We will not accept pre-existing character designs and each original character will need to only be created for this project once you join the group.

    Our reason for this is that characters already in the group may clash with your pre-existing character, and it's easier to work together from the start to make sure characters will be able to mix and match well. 

    Most characters so far (including mine!) have been constantly rewritten or scrapped for one reason or another so being attached to a design before the project starts will only disappoint you. You may, however, tell us a few character traits that you’d definitely want to play as!

    Requirements of the group:

    #1. We are only accepting members who are above the age of thirteen years old.

    #2. Dedication to this project, weekly activity and check-ins, and the ability to contribute (even if it’s just brainstorming) is necessary.

    #3. A feminine sounding that is comfortable voice for both voice acting and singing. You are a voice actor and singer in this project, so make sure you're ready for it! At least you're not vigorously dancing as idols on stage.

    #4. You must be active on Discord for at least two check-ins a week. We will be pinging you when we require your attention and if you don't log in for a week then what's the point?

    #5. You are required to have a Google Drive, Tumblr blog, and YouTube account due to the nature of this project.

    #6. Your audition will not be considered if it has poor audio quality or if you have an extremely busy, uncertain schedule that may require you to leave the group. If you are already in a cover group, please let us know!

    Tips on how to improve your casting chances:

    #1. Use a voice in your comfortable range. We are not trying to sing as an existing character and after all, you’ll be using your own character anyway! Please make sure your voice suits your attribute and year. We may ask you for your full range and what kind of different types of voices you're able to sing as so uploading an audio reel of comfortable voices you can do before we ask would save a lot of time. It would certainly give us ideas about what your character design could be too!

    #2. Sending in a poor quality audition will greatly hurt your chances. We will make an effort to help you reduce background noise or provide you tips on how to reduce it while recording. If we are unable to hear you clearly then you will be denied.

    #3. Auditioning for roles based on your real age is encouraged! Our group is currently composed of people above the age of fourteen for first years, in their later years of highschool for second years, and over twenty years old for the third years. If you need specific ages to be sure what year to audition for, you can contact us in our Discord.

    #4. Similar to Tip #3, consider your own personality and range before you pick a Smile, Pure or Cool! Smiles are typically energetic mezzo-sopranos who are versatile for just about any song, Pures are soft sopranos who are able to keep a high pitched voice, and Cools are strong altos who can reach powerful deep notes.

    #5. Keep in mind that each character will created with the idea of realistic (anime) personalities and the concept of growing up! So please don’t go too far with your character voices. We will explain the character creation process to you once you are accepted into the group.

    #6. Including links to your social media or other accounts will help us greatly! This long-term project require people to get along so group members will need to judge you before you are approved and casted.

    Current Group Members (OUTDATED) (Design sketches of the idols just to give you an idea by Cifu, may not be accurate. Cifu is not the main artist.)

    All character descriptions, attributes, and personalities are subject to change. You can ask more information in our Discord chat.

    First Years

    Chie: Pure 1st year (VA: Reichuu) [Resigned]

    A highly imaginative, aspiring magical girl with strong ambitions! This member has resigned from their position.

    Fuyue: Cool 1st year (VA: Griff)

    A pretty girl who appears mature when alone, yet inside is an innocent yes-man! Her sweet, excitable nature can only be brought out when she’s with her friends.

    Second Years

    Saki: Smile 2nd year (VA: Cifu) (Main group leader)

    The rather oblivious and cheery group leader with a sunny disposition. She aims to get along with everyone she meets and to bring inspirational joy to others with her idol group!

    Kokoa: Pure 2nd year (VA: Reemau) (Main character designer)

    An intelligent, potent girl who knows what she wants, putting her all to achieve the best out of everything. Appearing respectable is very important to her, and she holds her friends on a high level. 

    Third Years

    Emi: Smile 3rd year (VA: Sachibelle)

    A boisterous exchange student from Osaka. She's much taller than most girls, and tends to get along better with boys than with girls, which causes her quite a bit of trouble getting along at her new all-girls school.

    Kanade: Pure 3rd year (VA: Luca)

    An overly sentimental daydreamer with an active imagination. Her traditional half-French upbringing has made her a polite and soft spoken girl. She is still under development!

    We are seeking vocalists who can help out with art, graphics, writing, research, animation, mixing, character design, peer review or critique (vocal coaching other members), or getting the group more exposure. Our group is composed of many artists so far, but I don't see why we don't need more!! I think the most important roles would have to be writing, animation, and helping other members with singing/voice acting.

    You will have a higher chance to being casted if you have more than one skill that you can contribute to the group. However, don't fret if you don't have as much skills as the next person! We'll be casting roles to people that the group agree overall.

    Join our public Discord channel if you want to join our group or if you'd like to keep track of the Love Live! Cover Group Project!

    We will also take audition clips there and you will be able talk directly to group members for your questions. We will be using Discord for our main communication and you will be required to be active on it if you are casted so wouldn't it be better to get Discord in the first place?

    You are able to submit a private audition only viewable for the group by sending your audition through private messaging to Cifu on CCC or on Discord. If you do decide to do this, you'll probably be interviewed by Cifu with a couple of questions.

    If you were invited by a private message from Cifu, then you can just join our Discord chat and talk to us directly instead of auditioning, even if you initially refused.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold