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Libbadoodle's Previously Completed Works

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    About Let's Dub Sound of Drop - fall into poison -

    Hey there! I'm Libbadoodle, a member of the Let's Dub Project here to present a dub of the visual novel Sound of Drop!

    About the Let's Dub Project:
    We're a growing group of around 50 voice actors who have dubbed over 400 30 minute long episodes of various series for Youtube ranging from Ace Attorney, to Dangan Ronpa, to Presentable Liberty. We try to post a minimum of 2-3 episodes per week from our various series and we have a reputation of finishing what we start and never dropping projects. In the past, if a project has dropped, we have brought it back later with a new director and great improvements. This dub will be directed by Libbadoodle and Lucidity.

    About the Sound of Drop Let's Dub:
    Sound of Drop - fall into poison - is a horror visual novel by Aiueo Kompany released in 2014 before being translated and released on Steam by Sekai Project in 2015. Lines are submitted on a biweekly basis and edited on top of raw footage. The completed video is then posted publicly to the Let's Dub Project's YouTube page.

    Sound of Drop plot summary from TV Tropes:
    The story follows two middle school girls named Mayumi Nakanobe and Himeno Tamagawa who visit the Manten Aquarium one day in order to investigate the morbid rumors surrounding it. While there, Mayumi catches sight of her little sister, Mari, who had disappeared at the aquarium five years prior. After chasing her into the depths of the aquarium and leaving her friend behind, she suddenly finds herself in a mysterious new version of the aquarium where strange things are happening...

    - Audio quality will be a priority. Professional quality is not required, but try to keep static, reverb, and puffs/pops/clicks to a minimum.

    - This is a horror game. Be prepared to voice over some grotesque and uncomfortable scenes.

    - The English translation could stand to be a bit smoother in some places. You may be asked to ad-lib over lines that don't quite sound right in English.

    - Lucidity and I will be auditioning for a handful of these roles. HOWEVER, we will get feedback from public opinion as well as Peter, LDP's producer, before making any casting decisions, so as to avoid bias.

    - We may give you feedback on your audition. With this feedback in mind, feel free to reaudition for the character!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold