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Mazerly's Previously Completed Works

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    About Let's Dub Kindred Spirits on the Roof (CLOSED)

    Hi there, I'm Mazerly longtime member of the LDP and now co-director of the Kindred Spirits on the Roof dub with director Philiard. We originally had auditions on BTVA for about a month and while we had solid auditions for many characters, we'd both feel much more comfortable casting from a larger pool and have extended the deadline to Sep. 10th as well as opening up casting here!

    About the Let's Dub Project:

    The Let's Dub Project is a growing amateur fandub group consisting of over 60 actors and actresses. We have hundreds of videos of our dubs of visual novels such as Dangan Ronpa, Ace Attorney, and 999. This Let's Dub will be directed by Philiard and Mazerly.

    About the Kindred Spirits Let's Dub:

    Kindred Spirits on the Roof is a yuri romance visual novel that was initially released in 2012 under the name "Okujou no Yurirei-san", before eventually being translated and published by Manga Gamer on Steam in 2016. We'll be covering the in-game months of April to July, which covers about half of the game; that's the most we've been given permission to do. Lines are submitted on a biweekly basis and edited on top of raw footage. The completed video is then posted publicly to the Let's Dub Project's YouTube page.

    Kindred Spirits on the Roof Summary (taken from TV Tropes):

    One day, antisocial second year student Toomi Yuna is having lunch on the roof of the Kokonotsuboshi Girls' Academy of Commerce, better known as 'Shirojo', by herself, when she finds herself encountering two students in old-fashioned uniforms she's never seen before. To her shock, she discovers that these two girls - the mature Sachi and bubbly Megumi - are actually ghosts, having died at this school 80 and 30 years ago respectively. The two are just as shocked - normally they are invisible to living humans, and Yuna is the first person they have encountered who can actually see them. Very quickly, Sachi takes advantage of the opportunity to present Yuna with a request.

    You see, Sachi and Megumi are a couple, and both have the highest respect for the love between girls. With nothing much better to do, they have spent most of their time as ghosts watching over the students of their all-girls high school, cheering on from the sidelines any girls who also feel love for another girl in her heart. Thus their suggestion: they tell Yuna about which potential couples are out there, and then Yuna will do everything she can to help them get together that Sachi and Megumi can't. But their quest isn't entirely selfless, either: the reason why Sachi and Megumi haven't moved on yet is that they wish to be truly united in the most intimate way possible... but they don't really know how, and their hope is that by joining these couples together and creating a 'yuritopia,' they'll learn from the other girls and figure it out.

    Yuna, who up until now had considered herself a perfectly ordinary girl whose impression of lesbians could be summed up as 'I guess people like that exist too, then,' reluctantly finds herself drawn in as the school's resident yuri cupid.

    A few extra things to note:

    - If you haven't played this game, chances are the only thing you know about it is that it has uncensored sex scenes. We will not be dubbing over these scenes; they will be cut out. This will not be an 18+ dub, so any female of any age is free to audition.

    - This game switches perspective between almost every single one of it's characters very often; as such, be prepared for some narration regardless of who you audition for. This also means that the usual burden of playing the main character won't be nearly as heavy in this series.

    - There's only really one guideline to follow here; this should go without saying, but microphone quality is important. Make sure there's no background noise, echo, static, you know the drill. (I will upload an example audition to show what kind of mic quality we mean) I'm not expecting professional quality, but just try to make sure your voice is the only thing I can hear in your recording.

    Beyond that, impress me! I want, in the words of Tyranee, a "bomb-ass cast" for this project. Give it your all, and show us what you can do!



    Includes all character names, 'Kokonotsuboshi', and 'Shirojo'.

    About the Creator: mazerly

    Hi! I'm Adri and I enjoy putting my voice through a microphone for people's entertainment.

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