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About [League of Legends] Star Guardians: Burn Bright (Group Casting Call)

  • In the beginning of all things, the First Star gave its light to create the universe. New worlds were born - and with them, warriors imbued with the light of the First Star. These protectors are supernovas blazing bright, yet destined to collapse as furiously as they burn. They are the Star Guardians.

The first wave of Star Guardians are getting voicepacks! Due to the critical acclaim of the second wave (New Horizons) and the high demand for the Burning Bright team, this casting call is here to deliver another round of starlight! Let's meet the team!

LUX: The Shining Starlight
Light Mage
The leader of the Burning Bright team, Lux's optimism and bright personality sometimes put her at odds with the rest of her team. Lacking a familiar, she instead relies on her connection to the First Star to guide her decisions.

JINX: The Loose Comet
Heavy Weapons
A rebel at heart, Jinx isn't really sold on the idea of being a Star Guardian. But she'll take any excuse to blow things up with her twin familiars, Shiro and Kuro! She may be the most powerful Guardian, but her temper gets in her way.

LULU: The Stardust Sorceress
Fae Magic
Lulu has a deep, strange connection to star magic (and by extension, the First Star), making her seem weird and ditzy. However, she is able to predict monster appearances and important events, making her invaluable to the team. Her familiar, Pix, keeps her grounded.

JANNA: The Solar Storm
Air Spirit
A strange spirit of the wind from an unknown Galaxy, Janna is one of the oldest Guardians. A holdover from a different team, she is the only survivor of an unknown event that has led her to be jaded and quiet. Her familiar, Zephyr, keeps a close eye on her teammates.

POPPY: The Miniature Meteorite
Blunt Weapons
Poppy is another veteran who uses her Light's Hammer to pound the enemy into submission. Her personality is a little steely, but that is due to the loss of her own familiar. She's a strong warrior, but has difficulty in social situations.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold