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About [League of Legends] Emissaries of the Gods (Group Casting Call)

The Gods can be cruel. The Gods can be kind. But very rarely do they interfere with mortals directly. They choose someone to channel their strength through. These chosen vessels become instruments of their will... whether they like it or not.

Diana was once a young girl in one of Ionia's many villages. But during the yearly Blood Moon festival, she wandered away from her parents, distracted by the enticing calls and aromas of the nearby forest. For years, her parents looked for her, sure that their daughter was gone forever. But, on the 10th anniversary of the Blood Moon festival she had disappeared during, she emerged from the forest, garbed in the traditional robes of a Blood Moon Spirit. Wordlessly and without remorse, Diana slew her parents and collected their souls, offering their essence to the Blood Moon.

A woman of class and refinery, Vayne was chosen by the Arclights for reasons known only to her. Adverse to getting her hands dirty and usually in no mood to do hard work, Vayne took to her new role as a purifying light with uncharacteristic fervor. She showed extreme skill in destroying the forces of darkness, but she never lost her upper-class charm and sophisticated wit. Able to direct light itself through her crossbow, Vayne will eradicate the evil that opposes her. And all before tea time, too!

Lost in the tundra, cold and scared, Irelia lay in the snow for what she thought were her last moments. However, when she awoke, her body and mind had been changed by the frost deities that inhabit the frozen wasteland. Cold and calculating, ruthless and cunning, Irelia's freezing blades slice straight through any flesh she finds. To protect the sanctity and purity of the snowy tundra, the mortals must freeze. And Irelia is the one to do it.

These voices are part of the "Emissaries of the Gods" series, which includes characters that serve or have been affected by a divine presence (for better or worse!)

Blood Moon Diana has lines that are in a made-up Ionian language, with pronunciation guide included in the audition section!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold