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Eleven De Santo's Previously Completed Works

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    About Lara Croft meets Eleven and upside down world (SFM/Blender motion comic: The hidden weapon) Need fem singer

    Hello and welcome to the 

    plɹoʍ uʍop ǝpᴉsd∩


    This is Motion comic (visual novel) created in SFM/Blender with 3D models, kinda an original story

    Genre: Adventure, Horror, Thriller, Suspense

    Lara Croft looking for a hidden weapon  (an artefact that possesses the ability to teleport, which also brings the possibility to destroy anything)  somewhere in Africa, she meets Eleven (she tried to escape the upside down world), Lara founds out that she could find her artefact through Upside down world.  A secret society wants to lay its hands on the relic for its own immoral purposes.

    As you see the story doesn't change much just brings the crossing elements.

    This is how it's going to look like -

    Note: we already have an SFM team, but you can join us, help is always welcome. 

    When you audit: I appreciate creativity and if you get into character and can provide more than was asked

    What I need right now the most: Female singer, VA for Eleven, composer

    15.02 Update:  We will have a budget: $2,000+

    The target: To make it a big show

    Here is the team you will be working with


    Co-writer, co-writer for Lara's role, co-writer for Scientist role

    SFM artist, Co SFM artist, Co SFM artist. (3D models posters)

    Animator/Post-production artist, Co animator

    Editor, Co-Editor

    Sound effects artist, Co sound helper

    Composer, Additional composer, one more composer

    This is mini-series, there will be few additional characters for each chapter


    The payment can be negotiating

    It will be posted on YouTube and Vimeo and can be used by anyone who took a part in this project in a portfolio or anything else.  (More characters will be added)

    The models will be ready in February so it's about when I will start the production. (Deadline will be changed)

    Long term project so roles will be any soon.

    Please, note: this is a serious project

    There will be paid promotion of this series in the middle of the project.

    Thanks for reading and GOOD LUCK FOR EVERYONE.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold