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Stephanie Tobin

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About Stephanie Tobin

Stephanie is an award-nominated Australian voice actor, Twitch streamer, writer, and devoted fan of the strange and unusual. She discovered her love for voice acting while completing her MA in creative writing and has been featured in numerous audio dramas, video games, and other projects.

Celebrated for her unique voice, sharp wit, and Aussie charm, she aspires to fill the world with wonderful stories!

Stephanie currently resides in London.


Audio Verse Awards 2020: Nominated for ‘Performance of a Supporting Role in an Audio Play Production’ (Cyunn in A Ninth World Journal)

City Academy - 2022

Acting - Beginners

Instructed by Warren Rusher
City Academy - 2022

American Accent Training

Instructed by Salvatore Sorce
City Academy - 2022

Acting - Improvers

Instructed by Mark Prince
City Academy - 2023

Acting - Advance

Instructed by

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  • @mattman

    Stephanie is an amazing voice actor. She nailed the character, giving her a soothing but sinister voice. Got her lines in on time, with very little need to alter or re-take. I would cast her again, anytime.

  • @carabyte

    Stephanie is an incredibly talented individual. I had the joy of having her on as large supporting role on my show. Stephanie provided exceptional work of very high quality. She really made the character her own and I can’t imagine the character with any other voice. Having Stephanie in your cast will always be a good sign.