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    About Kpop Cover Girl Group (Vocalists and Rappers)

    Hey guys! I want to create a cover group (covering both boy and girl groups) that'll post at least once a week onto youtube, and hopefully build up on there and eventually branch off into writing own songs and solo music/sub-units.

    Okay so I plan on starting with full song covers (maybe with a vocal highlight intro video before) and eventually going into solo covers/sub-units (just rappers/vocals) and working on different things. Essentially, anyone is free to lead anything they want providing it'll have a high quality at the end (i.e. nothing too beginner like - as long as it looks good, we're okay to go).

    A vague schedule based on nothing but me assuming most people will want to record on the weekend:

    Thursday = decide lines + harmonies + if we want to edit any parts (if we do How You Like That, I would want to rewrite the rap, for example)

    Friday/Saturday/Sunday = record lines + feedback and record if needed + start mixing

    Monday/Tuesday = finish audio and make a video (lyrics or something incorporating the music video? idk)

    Wednesday = post onto youtube

    I intend on being a few songs ahead of what we post, so we don't struggle to upload weekly, and obviously if you need a few weeks for anything, that's absolutely fine. Feel free to ask if you have anymore questions!

    A bit about me:

    I'm 16 (17 at the end of this year)

    I'm primarily a rapper and a sub vocalist

    Based in england

    And I follow both girl and boy groups

    Requirements to audition + What to audition with:

    1) Be a girl between 15-20 (I'm not too fussed on age tbh)

    2) Be able to do a variety of styles (i.e. not just girl crush)

    3) Have discord/be able to get it

    4) Sing for at least 45 secs, and try to show off your skill but also get a variety

    IT DOESN'T MATTER WHICH ROLE YOU AUDITION FOR AT THE END EVERYONE IS CONSIDERED THE 'SAME' - i.e. if the two best rappers both audition for 'rapper 1' they will both be picked

    Please add your age + 'name' + time zone + pronouns + if you can write lyrics/mix audio/edit videos!

    About the Creator: silvernails

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold