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    About Karneval or Karnival? abridged

    I've been looking forward to doing an abridged series based on this anime 'Karneval' as their is no abridged series on this anime,so I decided to do one myself with my co-worker/friend Amyisamy but of course we can't do it alone as we need your awesome/talented voices to help us (as a team) to make this project real! As this will be a serious series unfortunately this anime only has 13 episodes.

    This project may include some 'COURSE LANGUAGE' but it shouldn’t be anything too serious. Amyisamy and I will be writing up the scripts and taking turn's video editing each episode and scene.We have finished episode 1 of the script and in the middle of completing episode two :) 

    You don’t have to sound exactly like the characters,you can give it your own twist.This project and its episodes will be going onto youtube.If you want to audition for this project or are casted for a character...

    Contact-For casted people, information or to ask questions:

    My email is [redacted] and my skype is 'Emily Errington'.

    Amyisamy- [redacted] and skype is 'Aus-Ame burger'

    You MUST follow the rules below:

    -Bullying will not be TOLERATED!

    -'Treat others as you wish to be treated'

    -Trolling is not allowed

    -lines MUST be handed in on time unless theres an important reason

    -You must be available the voice act throughout the series 

    - You need to have a decent microphone,with no background noise

    -you need to have a Skype and email/gmail account


    If theres any questions or thoughts you would like to share about this project just comment below or send a comment through private message :) But NO nasty comments or smart alec replies will be tolerated.

    We will add and cast characters as we go.We also will discuss whether or not a voice suits for a character. Overall enjoy and have fun :)

    We Will be looking forward to chatting to you all.Episode 1 is already written up as episode 2 is in process.

    Cast so far:





    Nai(kid/Flying cream bunny)-Blueedward

    Gareki(Gray fullbuster/BATMAN)-Amyisamy




    Congrats these people casted :D

    I will add more characters as i go.

    And in case you're wondering the name is purposely spelled wrong :)

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold