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Irisdream's Previously Completed Works

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    About Iris Dream

    - Link to the main project thread for more info and progress updates -


        This is a story of hopes, dreams and clutching them tightly, never wanting to let them go. However, some things aren't as easy as they sound.

        Regina is a talented, semi-famous singer with her own fan base. She's very passionate about singing on stage, and nobody can deny that she has an amazing voice. To her, singing is about conveying messages and her emotions through music.

        However, she discovers that she's losing her voice. Every day, her voice gets hoarser and lower in volume. At first, it was just a mild case of laryngitis, but it eventually proves to be much more. She may permanently lose her voice. She becomes more and more depressed.

        Meanwhile, the people around Regina are encouraging her by telling her that there's a chance of recovery, or that there are other, new ways she has yet to discover which she can use to express her feelings.

        Will she be able to recover? Will she find another medium wherein she can freely express her feelings? Will she find romance and happiness? Or will she fall into the pit of despair?

    About the project:

        This is a short, free otome game that is being made for NaNoRenO 2016. Due to the time limit and the fact we'll be writing all throughout the month of March, full voice acting simply isn't realistic. However, we'd like to add partial voice acting to the game, similar to what you'd find in the Persona and Fire Emblem series. Each character may have anywhere between 10 to 25 spoken lines.

        The work is unpaid as the game itself is free and we have no budget. Every wonderful actor will have their name put in the credits, though! This is a great way to get into the voice acting scene, particularly as the project will be quite high quality, even with the time constraints.

    Team members:

    Miyuu: Lead writer

    gamerbum: Co-writer / idea bouncer

    Zelan: Idea bouncer
    Anne: GUI artist / GUI programmer / idea bouncer
    Sefir: Programmer

    Attlebridge: Sprite artist / CG artist
    EXMED1C: CG artist / BG artist

    VioletCancer: Composer

    About the Creator: irisdream

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold