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Kiwi Mix's Previously Completed Works

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    About UNINSTALL - Webseries


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    Director/ Primary Writer: Simon McWilliams
    Art Director/ Storyboard Artist: Simon McWilliams

    >>Uninstall is currently working on it's pilot, with plans of at least a season with 15 episodes.

    >>The animation isn't really animation, more of an animatic style with limited animated segments.  Lip sync is a possibility!

    The Country of Cattalus is known for it's inate technological and social advances, but in the year X465, the use of magic was banished.  The story follows Hayden Tome, son of a famous swordsman and blacksmith.  When a demon attacks his hometown in the year X510, Hayden's father uses a forbidden magic to seal Hayden away until the demon is done terrorizing the village- but in using the magic, his life is taken. 

    With his father's last words fresh in his mind, Hayden sets out to the Country of Strix, where magic is legal and used as an art form.  In a small corner of the country, in the City of Cidus, Hayden runs into trouble, all stemming from a young mage named Mira...


    Hayden Tome: A swordsman, originally from the Country of Cattalus.  For some unknown reason, he's unable to use magic.
    Mira Valli: A young orphan taken in by the Cardinal Tenebris, leader of the magic academy.  Under his study, she's studied the art of storm magic.
    Rhayne Diall: The twin of Ren Diall, and the "Mistress of Games".  Along side her brother, she's won the Gero Tournament of Magic 4 years in a row.
    Ren Diall: The twin of Rhayne Diall, and the "Sir of Games".  Along side his sister, he's won the Gero Tournament of Magic 4 years in a row.  As a result of his magic, his left arm is no longer human.
    Arthur Gravelle: An assassin hired by an unknown client to kill Mira, along with a group of other shady characters...

    Willow Terran: Mira's adopted sister and successor to the Cardinal Tenebris.
    Drelle Justine: Willow's childhood friend and advisor.  She has a large, unrequited crush on Willow.
    Erin Porla: In charge of rule enforcement, and eventually, assassinations.

    Takumi Illav: A rogue mage in the west of Strix, known for taking any kind of magical job you give him.  With his large beast arm and fish like creatures, he's referred to by the name of Poseidon.
    Lana Justine: A young girl with quite literally no soul.  Her body never ages, and with it she uses her abilities to assassinate noblemen and strong mages.

    >> Of course, your mic must sound good.  There should be minimal / no static and you should be able to hear your voice over any background noise.  However, when and if you get the part, there must be No background noise.

    >>Have a functioning discord account.  You will be required to join the KiwiMix Studios discord for updates and discussions.  A casual discord server will be optional.  You do not have to participate in discussions.

    >>Be over the age of 13.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold