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About Cover duet group

Hi there! I'm Charlotte and I just wanted to make a video in tribute to my cat we had to put down recently. This would be the first post and I will continue on from there and do more covers. I may post this to YouTube so I WILL credit you for The work you do! I was planning on singing a song during the recording. I won't have many requirements  


-This will require Discord

-please no hate be nice to everyone 

-please be a little active so I can give you update

-have clear audio with little to no background noise

Thanks for reading this! Hope to hear from some of you soon!

About the Creator: FlipperGirl2468

Hi, I'm FlipperGirl2468 (weird name I know) but if you don't like you can just call me Charlotte. 

I live in Australia but had that one American friend whose accent rubbed off on me, though strangely enough, it's not a constant accent. it comes and goes really but lately I’ve been speaking more Australian? So if you have a strict deadline please take this into consideration when telling me about it. 

I love to voice act. It's recently become something I could see being part of my career in the future. Therefore I do my best to be as professional as possible. This is mainly just to give me practice and help me get out into the world of voice acting. 

I am also a singer! I have found out that my vocal range is E3-G5. in school I am in a big production named CGen or Creative Generation. 

I have Skype, Discord, and email for  Communication. 
Just so it's easier my discord is FlipperGirl2468#7594 or flippergirl2468#7594  when I accept your invite please tell me the project and character I'll be be voicing so I know who you are
Please do not contact me unless you have a project you want me to voice in.

If you want to cast or have me in your project I look forward to working with you! (⌒▽⌒)

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