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    About I Have Vacation Days?! Fandub Chapter 1 Onward

        I Have Vacation Days?! is a fanfiction written by Lobo Argost. It's one of my favorite fanfics to read & as of posting this is still being written. It's decently long right now so anyone auditioning should be prepared for that. Now for the big disclaimer: THERE IS SEX & SWEARING ABOUND IN THIS PROJECT! Granted, it's a crossover with the Hellsing anime, so this shouldn't come as a surprise to those of you familiar with it. If you aren't comfortable with either of these, you have been warned. 

        This is just for the characters introduced in Chapter 1. I will be giving auditions for the new characters of each chapter as I get to said chapter. If you can't do it for future chapters, let me know.

    Tech requirements:

    A decent mic. I don't want any built in laptop mics. This is essentially an audiobook. Sound is EVERYTHING.

    This is the front page description straight from FIMFiction:

    Thomas Lancaster and his friends Chloe and Alex Anderson thought they were just buying really good props from that creepy merchant. Now they're in Equestria as the characters they dressed as. Thomas must tangle with the bloodlust of Alucard. Chloe has to contend with Seras' struggle with bloodthirst. And Alex... Well, he's Schrodinger so he's the asshole.

    “Sup bitches? You might know me as the one and only CrimsonFuckr, also known as Alucard. Now, I wasn’t always a badass vampire tied to a necromancing girl with a blood drinking fetish, but hey, them’s the breaks, right? Well, at least I have my little protege/master, my old best friend and her annoying twin brother to keep me company. Buckle up kiddos, this is gonna be a hell of a ride. Get it? Because I’m a vampire? …. It’s funny.”

    “No it isn’t.”

    “Shut up Twilight your face isn’t funny! Anyways! The following is a fan based fiction. Hellsing Ultimate is owned by Kouta Hirano and- y’know what, fuck this. Hey Police Girl, we got our shit with the lawyers settled, right?”

    “Yeah? Why?”

    “Okay, just making sure! Ahem: Blah blah blah fanfiction, blah blah blah MLP:FiM is owned by Hasbro, blah blah blah, Hellsing Ultimate, blah blah blah Hellsing Abridged and Team Four Star, blah blah blah official release. ”

    “How did you manage to make one word sound so dirty?”


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold