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About Humiliating and Mortifying Days of Neptunia AUDITION

UPDATE February 13th: Currently, we are looking for ONE MORE FEMININE voice for Plutia. She is currently a high priority for upcoming episodes. If we have a good Plutia, the audition will shut down.

UPDATE January 17th: True due dates for each character are now posted. Because we do not wish to pay membership, the project due date is completely dynamic. Please look at the characters' real due dates to see who we need earlier.

There are also new details about which kind of voice we are looking for for specific characters. Please research more about the character in both English Dub and Japanese Dub to have a general idea in how we want you to sound.

THIS AUDITION VIDEO IS OBSOLETE. A new one will be made soon. You can use it as reference in the meantime.

Welcome to the Mortifying Days of Neptunia and Humiliating Days of Nepgyeah audition. This is a spoof series of Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation. It is the remake of the original Hyperdimension Neptunia the Abridged in 2013 and an upgraded version of Humiliating Days of Neptunia.

We also have a Behind the Voice Actor audition submission page: http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/The-Truth/casting-call/Humiliating-and-Mortifying-Days-of-Neptunia/

There are auditions submitted by The Truth. Those are the sample clips you are to contest with. They are basic references of what you need to sound like.

If you don't know what is the Humiliating Days of Neptunia project, just watch the 3 episode we have already released in our YouTube channel.

This Audition has a Terms of Agreement you must agree before being accepted into the team.


1: You must have access to a condenser microphone capable of recording at 44.1 khz sample rate at 16bit as a minimum. Hi-Res versions are considered 96 khz sample rate at 24bit minimum. Your microphone quality will also be judged.

2: It is best if you have a general knowledge of the character you have applied for. If you know the character you are playing as, you may have the ability to mimic the original. This will help speed up the process.

3: You can either be professional or an amateur. Remember, how we record is an experimental process.

4: Please let us know if you are available to record with us in-person or through DISCORD. We understand that you may be busy with your life so time may be limited to you. We can arrange a time so that you can record with us alongside or not with other cast members.

5: It is imperative you absolutely understand and agree before applying the audition. YOU MUST NOT BE EASILY OFFENDED. You may have noticed, our Humiliating Days of Neptunia series have a lot of profanity that may offend others. They are strictly for entertaining purposes, they are not intended to offend anyone. To be able to be accepted, you must agree you WILL NOT GET OFFENDED BY ANY FORM OF PROFANITY. It makes everything a lot more difficult when someone does get offended and it may result into termination. When you audition, there are easy profanity. There are no harsh ones, do expect to say them when actually voicing lines.

6: This is a non-profit project. You are expected to VOLUNTEER as a voice actor. You are not to expect payment.

You must follow the requirements of the roles to the letter to have a higher chance in winning the role. If you are returning actors and realized you didn’t win, it’s because we failed to choose some actors for 2 reasons. Your audition wasn’t sufficient to be selected or we simply can’t decide because of our bad process in the past.

Contact Information: DISCORD or YouTube

Discord: username and #number (we can send you the channel invite as well)

YouTube: Channel that you use frequently, we can direct message you through YouTube.

About the Creator: the truth

Hello, there's not much to tell you other than us making the New Game Minus series and the much hated Nep series.

GIU Narrator.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold