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About Homestuck Voice Acting Group!

Calling all homestucks! Welcome to my project. My name is Atom, and I'm looking for people who want to voice act and have fun doing things like:

- Cards Against Humanity
- Rap Battles
- React videos
- Asks
-Original content
- And much more!

I'm trying to stay away from comic dubs, only because it has been done so many times by so many different people. But, if the majority of you guys would like to do comic dubs, I'm happy to oblige.

The videos will be uploaded on youtube. There isn't a channel up yet, but there will be after all the roles are fulfilled. I'll be directing and producing the videos myself, but if anyone has any suggestions for new content, it's more than welcome.

Note: It's a possibility that I might do the voice acting for one or more of the roles, but it's not confirmed. Just putting that out there for informative purposes.

We will be primarily using discord and skype, so it's important for you to have both.

This is a project for fun, and isn't super professional or anything. I want everyone to have  a good time, but I also expect that you follow certain rules:

1. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 14 TO PARTICIPATE! The only reason for this is the fact that the material might not be appropriate for those under 14. This might include (but is not limited to) violence, sexual references, and profanity.
2. If you audition and are chosen, please be committed to your role. Although this isn't professional, I still need you to record lines on time and actively participate in things. Of course I won't overwork anyone, but you still need to be an active member of the group.
3. No bullying whatsoever. If I find out you are harassing another member of the group or making them feel uncomfortable, you will be kicked out of the group. No excuses.
4. If you feel like you are being bullied, or if someone in the group is purposefully making you uncomfortable, let me know immediately, and I will deal with the issue.
5. Profanity and curse words are allowed, but to be kept to a minimum.
6. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and other things of that caliber are not tolerated at all. This is a welcoming community that accepts everyone, regardless of their background or expression.
7. You must have both a skype and discord account, since these will be used as the primary form of communication.
8. You are allowed to audition for more than one role, but please be advised that you will most probably be chosen for only one of them. There might be exceptions, but that's just the general rule.
9. Your microphone quality has to be at least decent. I don't mind if it's a laptop or phone microphone since I also use those, but the sound must be clear with little to no static. Don't speak too close to the microphone, and try not to breathe into it either. It would be great if you could edit out any static that still might be there, also.
10. Have fun!

atom.hagobian (
atoms_apocalypse (skype)
you can also message me here on CCC

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold