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    About Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai English Fandub (DIFFERENT,SECONDARY FANDUB --> hana flower)



    hihi!!!!!! i am going to be participating in a higurashi kai fandub as the voice for rena ryuugu; but the dub is still in need of voices for some characters!! the dub is already underway partially, but some voice actors are still needed, and auditions are still open!!

    the fandub is being organized by Hana Flower

    you can contact them through this google plus community:


    ATTENTION| Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai

    💻From your computer screen to Phone📱

    We need more Characters to finish the Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai Fandub.

    Characters that are taken

    Satoko Hojo
    Rika Furude
    Hanyuu Furude
    Rena Ryuugu
    Mion Sonozaki
    Shion Sonozaki
    Jirou Tomitake
    Keiichi Maebara
    Satoshi Hojo
    Takano Miyo
    Classmates girls
    Classmatea boys


    to apply for a character, any character not on the above list still needs a voice actor!! if you are interested in auditioning/helping, here are two promo videos:



    - - - 

    we are still in particular need of some voices, and there are two dubs (A, and B). i am going to be in dub B! if you really really really wanna voice a character that is already taken above, you can talk to hana flower about your audition, and see if they would put you in dub B! (dub B is a second dub, but it does not mean you are bad. it is just in case one of the dubs fall through, or in case somebody auditions later than someone already cast but Hana really would like to include them in the dub)

    **please not that even if a character above is taken, there is still the chance that that person may be unable to send in their lines. we especially need male voice actors as we are lacking in those!!~ please contact Hana Flower on google+ or youtube for more information if you are interested!!!**

    if you are interested, please follow the links and get in contact with Hana Flower!! ^_^ thank you!! itll be alot of fun~! i look forward to seeing any of you in the dub if you decide to join!!

    About the Creator: renaryuugu

    update: Hello again! My name is Amanda Nicole. i now have an actual microphone! and, i am now applying mainly for paid roles as i have graduated high school and will be pursuing a career in cosmetology (for a 'day job') and following my far-fetched lifelong dream (and reason for still living...) of acting. im doing this by going on auditions in real life and finding an agent. I am 18 years old. Any experience and bit helps, and i absolutely love voice acting as well and would love to continue trying my best!~

    old bio: 
    Hello Hello! My name is Amanda and I am x years old + an actress! i also love voice acting too -- it is really fun (especially if i get to play my favorite characters that i relate to the most; but anything can be fun if you want it to be)! I can sing, and I am a soprano. I perform in musicals in real life, and I want to be an actor professionally. A big part of playing a role is your facial expressions and body language, but since voice acting takes all that away except for the voice, it is a bit more challenging which makes it all the more enjoyable! I wish to improve my voice acting skills and learn from experience, and to portray each character through voice to the best of my ability. My main goal is to make each line come alive and not feel like somebody reading a script. I want them to seem genuine, and exciting, or surprising, or whatever emotion that they are meant to make you feel. I can switch emotions very quickly (like rena ryuugu). I am on this site currently just for fun / on my free time (for nonpaid roles), but maybe one day i will start actually going for paid roles if i get the proper recording equipment.

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