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    About ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) Hetalia Abridged (Kontalia)

    You do not need to know what this show is or even like it! Just try if you want to have (maybe) some fun!!! 

    Hi. Thank you for clicking on this! I am doing this project with ookami-san (otakuwolfgirl101) and we are abridging Hetalia! Were calling it Kontalia (Konran-Chaos Italia-Italy). Its a bad title i know, i was trying to be creative but it didnt really work. This is going to be a super laid back project and mostly for fun so you dont even have to know what the anime is, just have fun. Were also not extremely skilled in editing so... but we wanted go cure our boredom so why not! 

    We are aware of the relationship between Hetalia abridges and Youtube so we are going to post previews of each episode on youtube and put a link to the full episode that will be on a website in the description. http://kontalia.wix.com/hetaliaabridged <----Heres the website! Go check it out... even though its basically empty...

    So! What will we be doing? Well, we want it to be as unique as possible so were taking snips from multiple episodes rather than following the cannon timeline. The main plot of it is: Ludwig lands himself in an alternate universe where all of his friends call him Germany and they act completely insane. Ludwig is desperately trying to find a way back home, but theres always a problem that needs to be solved first! really lame summary i know. i know. If you want to look at the first script to see the writing style and type of humor this is than here you go: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m0vgYnbJJWXYaWBafJD6dq1ihPfVUyfirQrH7mCbFPo/edit?usp=sharing This project will make fun of the fandom itself mostly along with many other things. It will make fun of fangirl things such as fanfiction, shippings, and fanart (not actual people's art). So just.. be aware I guess? Also, each episode is not very long. Im working on making them longer but so far they're about 3-5 minutes maximum.

    In addition to the abridged series i thought that we could "report" current news, but hetalia style. or... Kontalia style cause we'd use the personalities in this abridged. So current news? like whenever i get to writing and researching it. Things like the US presidential campaigns, that crazy thing with the EU, etc. Just to make the news less boring and get people interesting in the world around them. 

    RULES! I hate them too, but we need them

    1. i have a three strike policy. so even though this is laid back i need the lines! But im open to the excuse you got, i would say that im pretty understanding

    2. Have a clear mic. Doesnt have to be the best but you have to be able to scream really loud without it clipping and sending someone to the hospital

    3. Be open to cursing. this is rated... R16? nothing really past that but innuendos and stuff. R16 to be safe.

    4. Stay commited! I love making friends and it would break my heart to have to recast someone! 

    5. Be nice and try your best! Everyone puts that one at the end so why not. its true, just have fun. 

    6. Be creative! I honestly left all the voices up for interpertation. If you can think of a funny voice them put it there! You can audition with two different ones if you want too :)

    YOU CAN AUDITION FOR AS MANY CHARACTERS AS YOU WANT! If you audition for multiple be aware that i might ask you to be mulitple characters! You can say no... but ya know. AND GIRLS CAN AUDITION FOR BOYS AND VISE VERSA! Its a free world more or less. Let your talent showwww

    If you have any questions or anything just message me or comment!

    This is on BTVA also:http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/members/JayrLevi/casting-call/Hetalia-Abridged-kontalia/

    P.S. Russia, Sealand, Chibitalia, and possibly Poland (so it would be an understudy who is casted for Poland) are already casted. BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS FAIR GAME! GOOD LUCKKKK. 

    About the Creator: jay levi

    Hellooooo! I'm Jayden and I hope you like my work! I've heard so many great voices and I've been so impressed with the talented people on this site! I hope you will welcome me into the community. 

    Thank you for visiting my profile! I hope to become a real voice actor one day, but this is fun too! So many nice people! 

    If you have any questions or would just like to talk feel free to email or skype me and I'd be happy to reply ASAP, thanks!!

    Email: jayrlevi ( at gmail)

    Skype: jayrlevi

    Discord: Jayrlevi#4577


    BTVA: Link



    I am so sorry to everyone that I have met on this wonderful site, and all the friends that I have made here for being gone for so long. I have had to deal with other things that has taken my focus away from voice acting, but I am starting to integrate it back into my life. Thank you for being so patient and kind <3

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold