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    About Guardians [Audio Drama] [Open]

        Guardians is an original audio drama that introduces a land where a new race has been born, unbeknownst to most of the world's population: Guardians. Guardians are people who are born with supernatural-like powers channeled through special weapons. The three main powers are The four Tetrads, who have elemental powers, the five Quintets, who control the main emotions, and Animal Guardians, who have animal-like powers. The Guardians live in a land above the clouds, closely watching over and protecting the human race.

        This story tells the tale of one village, in particular, populated by our main characters with intercepting storylines.


    1. Availability is a must. If you think you won't have very much time to record episodes, we will most likely give the role to someone who is more available.

    2. Must have skype; we have to be able to contact you.

    3. Please have a decent microphone. We want as little background noise as possible.

    4. Do your best to refrain from swearing.

    5. Absolutely no bullying will be tolerated. If you're unhappy with who got a part or didn't like someone's audition, please keep it to yourself.

    6. Remember: this is not professional paid work, but we would appreciate it if you gave our project a professional approach. Though, as long as it doesn't get in the way of recording episodes, have fun! Thank you for auditioning. We're hoping for a successful audio drama!

    Last Note: The characters' descriptions down below sound a bit cliché, which may make some people want to use the stereotypical voice those character types usually have, but we like to be surprised! If you have a voice you think would suit the character, use it! If we like it, even a little bit, we can always contact you to tweak it a bit.

    About the Creator: philacerate

    Hello there! My name's Mena, and I'm an aspiring voice actor/director/writer. Though I've only been cast in one role on this website, I do have acting experience (professional and nonprofessional) and microphone/tech misc. skills.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold