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    About GeoHersta: Very Unique Web Series Need VA's


    An Original Web Series


    GeoHersta is a new original sci-fi comedy web series. It's produced using live action and stop-motion techniques, in the same vein as a show like Robot Chicken. This casting call is seeking to fill lead character roles.


    Rules of auditioning:

    - You must have a Skype account and an email address.

    - There is strong language in this series you must be okay with swearing.

    - You must have a decent quality microphone. This is my baby and a lot of background noise can't be allowed.

    - Please be dedicated I need lines within a week of the script being released. If you don't send in lines within that amount of time without a valid excuse YOU WILL BE REPLACED.

    -  This is a series, meaning by auditioning you understand that you are making a long term commitment. You can be replaced or killed off though in the event that you have a logical excuse for leaving production.

    -  In the vain of being killed off, it is possible that your character may last only a few episodes or several episodes or even seasons. You also may not be needed for lines in every episode. Also if you have a good track record of getting lines in and you can morph your voice well enough there is the opportunity that you will be given new character's voices.

    - In the event that this series does extremely well, or I find a way to make money someday, there is an opportunity to be paid eventually, for now, however; this is free work.(Minus the experience, publicity, use of material in demo reels, and love of me.)


    Lastly, I have written multiple episodes of this already. Assuming I get voice actors, this will absolutely happen at this point. I'm aiming for a mid-late January release of Episode 1 and then bi-weekly, or monthly releases after that. Accompanying each role is a video containing a voice reference for what I'd like to hear out of the character. Finally, I need quite a few voice artist for this, so please feel free to audition.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold