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Woofie Woofie Poofie's Previously Completed Works

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About >>Fortold<<


The story foretold follows a young farm dog named gilbert, gilbert has always lived a nice life, treated well by the farmer and in love with his beautiful love Amber(played by me) and his pals the farm animals but he always watches the foxes play wonderful and free outside of the barn, one day gilbert deciders to leave although everyone begs him he refuses so amber goes with him where they meet many friends and go on amazing adventures to find the prophecy they were meant to be apart of they find that horrible things have happened back home at the farm house but will they abandon their destiny to save their friends from the new slaughtering and carless farmer? find out here, and maybe even join as a character!

hello peeps! its me again with another casting call I know my last one wasn't so great but I've got my own microphone now and an art program so I'm a lot more professional and prepared. I've got a lot more planned out for my story, this time were starting with a piolet episode tho I'm gonna have a few friends help me to see if we can get this thing on the road!

I do have a couple requiments but please read before you leave

1. I want this series to help young and new voice actors to start out so if your more experienced I might pick a younger newer audience to give them a chance buy still feel free to audition if your not, also YOU DONT NEED A MICROPHONE ILL CAST YOU EVEN IF YOU USE A PHONE THE QUALITY DOES NOT MATTER!!!!!!!

2. you need to HAVE to have discord 

and that's it hope you have a wonderful day if you still have any questions just dm me whenever I'm always open and ill reply as soon as possible peace!

About the Creator: WoofieWoofiePoofie

Hi there! 

I’m an actor, I’ve been in 5 musicals one play and have taken up 2 voice acting jobs!
Acting is my passion so I love to come on this website to do voice acting, although I prefer to do musical theatre I do voice acting in my free time

I’m also a writer and artist! I’m working on my own series right now called Underground sins, you can find the casting call under my profile soon!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold