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    About FNAF: The Beginning of FredBear's Family Diner

    Project Information:

    Hola Amigo's & Amiga's I am El Fighter!

    And I need a full cast of voice actors for this animation (it's based on the Creepypasta I made, it's more of a story of what happen then a Theory if anything else of the Famous game "Five Nights At Freddy's" I have not released it yet due to the fact It's not complete Finished yet!). Let me make this clear I CANNOT pay you, BUT you will be Credited in the "ending Credits" of Course and your channel will be Linked in the description as well and  if you're lucky i'll put your channels name in the Beginning of Credits as well. Any money IF any ........and IF I decided to monetize the Video will be given to every Person that work on this project and anyone that contributed in anyway (may I remind you only IF I decided to monetize the video) Now that...... that is out of the way I will need your Skype or Gmail/Yahoo address basically anything I can Contact you by easily if you wish to apply anything down below. (Please......... no Facebook ;-; my friends & family will torture me online with Forward Notification)

    P.S. None of the lines in here will be used in an actual Video. They are simply samples that I either took or made up on the top of my head.

    Audition Deadline:

    Auditions are due by 10/20/2015
    (No Specific Time, but if you can try to submitting before 1 am in the morning)

    Recording and Contact Information:

    Record using [Mono, preferably wav. files & Multiple Recordings in a zip.]

    Save files as Fredbear_(Character)_(UserName).wav

    Send finished auditions

    Production Expectations

    VAs will have 1 - 2 weeks to record lines; If there is a reason to why you weren't able to record by then, please inform me.

    All Voice Actors are expected to be able to schedule time for Directing Sessions. This is a crucial expectation.

    If you are auditioning, please have a Good Quality Microphone. I try to make sure that Audio is as superb as it can be! So please have a minimum amount of "Reverb", "Peaking", "Static", etc. But I will accept any type of Microphone either way.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold