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Kion Scar's Previously Completed Works

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About Fanseries Project: The Lion Series

Like the classic The Lion King and The Lion Guard? Wish there was more or that they had answered the questions they left unanswered?

This is based on a fanfic (referred to as Fanbook series) I am writing; which is a continuation of TLG [The Lion Guard] to answer the unanswered.

As the fanfic is currently being worked upon, not all information is currently available. There currently is no actual deadline, and this will continue to be updated with characters, VAs that are needed and others that may be needed.


The idea behind this is other to answer to stuff left untouched, is to also focus on the untold tales. And what I've picked up from the clues or hints within the episodes themselves. The guards seen on the wall, yet nothing more is told about them. Beside's Scar's, and Askari's, and the then-current guard of Kion. It will touch upon the very past, as well as in to the future - Vitani's Guard, and further even. 

Missing adventures are included as well. What happened during the space of time between toddler Kiara not wanting to be queen to her apparently shift in personality about being queen when Kion is around?

How about names for the nameless characters?

What actually happened during the cubhood of Mufasa and Scar?
What happened during, or even prior to Askari's time?

Must have: Discord. Wattpad.com or Fanfiction.net

NOTE: VA (Voice Actor) applicants are NOT first come first served. Everyone has a chance at every character if they so wish to try.

It is recommended to refresh one's self on watching all of the episodes, in English, translator translations can come later - English is the current focus at the time. May wish to refresh as well regarding The Lion King - the classic version; 1994. Not the new 2019 one.

ABOUT CHARACTERS: Do not worry if not all characters are currently available, both projects are somewhat slow. All will be added, as well as a bunch of OCs to help the story through.

About the Creator: KionScar

Solo; fan. Just a fan.

Love very much The Lion Guard and The Lion King series. Sad there is no official news for  what's to come next, if anything regarding them.

I am a young, autistic adult woman. With other problems regarding health piled on top of that - much of which is genetic. Hence, why I feel I can and do understand Scar from TLG and TLK, respectively.

Kion and Scar both happen to be my two favorite male lions.

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