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About Family Roleplay Series

Hi, I'll be creating a Family Roleplay Series. At the moment, there are plans to make 10 episodes. Each episode will be 10-12 minutes. Therefore, the scripts are fairly short. I'm super excited to work on this project & meet new people! Since we'll be working on multiple episodes having a Discord account that you'll check often is important. (lol, I can't think of anything else to write) 

About the Creator: sunsetsafariyt


I’m Sunset Safari, 

A Youtuber, known for making Roblox content.

。.:*☆✧ABOUT ME✧☆。.:*

Nicknames: Sunset, Safari, Sunsetta, Sunny…

I’ve always enjoyed video production and gaming. I played my first virtual reality game when I was 8 years old and filmed a cringey music video. I made a youtube channel in 2014 and started playing Roblox in 2016. Then in 2018, I posted my first youtube video! 


Why are you on Casting Call?

There are so many talented voice actors, script writers and animations on Casting Call Club and I’d like your help bringing my videos and scripts to life! 

How do I get a role?

Two options, audition when casting calls are listed, Join my discord server or contact me! Please only contact me if you're seriously interested in being featured in a video and have good mic quality. 

What do you expect?

Be Yourself - I love working and making new friends in the community. 

Professionalism - being polite, communicating and respecting. 

Reliability  - submitting lines on time or communicating setbacks. 

(I prefer talking to and messaging people in a more relaxed/friendly manner like we’re best friends because I hope that we’ll build a great work friendship - mental health is beyond important to me!) 

What to expect from Me!

Quick response & updates

 Relaxed environment

Completed assignments

A long term friendship (lol) 

🍓 。.:*☆✧YOUTUBE CHANNEL✧☆。.:* 🍓


🍓 。.:*☆✧DISCORD GROUP✧☆。.:* 🍓

(server is mostly for my fans but feel free to join) 


🍓 。.:*☆✧ROBLOX✧☆。.:* 🍓


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