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Extravaganza's Previously Completed Works

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    About (ONE MORE VOCALIST NEEDED) Extravaganza: Idols of the Stars

    Please read the info doc linked at the end of this short description of the group and what's going on!

    Extravaganza: A net idol group, fated together by the stars!

    Extravaganza is a 12 member net idol group with a zodiac and card suits theme. We will be doing covers (mostly from idol anime), and hopefully originals sometime in the future. If you plan to audition, you’ll need to make an OC and be their voice actor or actress. Extravaganza will be composed of guys, gals and non-binary pals, so please don’t hesitate to audition if you feel you can’t fit in. Everyone has a place somewhere. You don’t have to match the gender or sign of your OC, but make sure you can comfortably do a more feminine or masculine voice based on what they’d sound like.
    Below are the available image colors and zodiac signs your OC can have.  Please audition a different OC for every sign you make an OC for. I also advise making your idol’s personality similar (though not completely identical) to common characteristics of their zodiac sign!

    Two are missing because one is taken by me, my friend Mya who will be in this project! 

    Extravaganza is an acronym. The letter next to each role is going to be the first letter of your OC's first name. So if you want to audition for Gemini, their first name will start with G, and their image color will be green. If you need more information, you NEED to read this:

    The rest of your audition will take place in Google Forms, which the info doc explains.

    The primary goal of this group is to grow, whether by means of singing, or learning how to cooperate in groups better. The quality of our work will increase over time, so for now sing your heart out! Or mix your heart out. Or draw. Animate. All that good stuff.

    EDIT: I'll still be accepting auditions with feminine voices, but masculine voices would appreciated so much! Also, PLEASE introduce yourself in the vocal audition! People who don't introduce themselves have a smaller chance of being considered.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold