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    About "Extortion" - An original short film - Deadline extended


    Welcome to the audition call for «Extortion». 


    «Extortion» is a short film that takes place entirely from a first-person perspective in real time. It is currently in final stages of pre-production. 

    It tells a story of a couple who are blackmailed by an anonymous figure. It includes elements of drama, thriller and dark comedy. 


    We are looking for three actors (1 female and 2 males) to record three dialogs. All three are telephone conversations. 

    All three characters are from New York City, so they speak English with standard American accent (preferably NY accent, but not necessary). 

    You don’t have to be the same age as a character. Just need to sound accordingly.  

    We’d like the dialog to sound as natural as possible. Be simple. Don’t try to show the emotions - feel them. Ideally it should sound like someone recorded an actual phone conversation. No need for theatrical emotions. 


    There will be three dialogs: 

    1. Eric (app. 150 words) and Amy (app. 100 words)

    2. Eric (app. 50 words) and Amy (app. 50 words)

    3. Eric (app. 180 words) and Jonah (app. 150 words)

    Since all the dialogs are fast and intense, we think the best option would be to record them with both actors and director in real time over Skype instead of recording separate lines. We feel it would help you because you will participate in an actual dialogue and will be able to react to other actor. This will make a dialogue sound a lot more natural. 

    Before production, if you get casted, you’ll receive not only your lines, but also the general story and the detailed description of the emotional state of your character. Our director can contact you over Skype to discuss your character and rehearse with you. 

    Then at the scheduled time (between March 7th and 13th) we'll make a group call and record the dialog. Both actors will hear each other over Skype but will use their own microphones to record.  

    Our director will be able to give you notes after each take, so we can reach the best result possible. The duration of all three dialogs will be about 5 minutes. There probably will be few takes. So, we think the whole process will take less than an hour (even less for Amy and Jonah). 


    • Some acting skills and experience with voice-overs. Characters are in a very difficult situation and it’s reflected in their voices. But please, don’t be afraid to try - everyone is welcome.

    • A decent microphone (not internal). Since these are telephone conversations, we are not chasing the highest recording quality. Just make sure your microphone doesn’t make any unwanted noises. And please use this microphone to record audition lines.

    • Headphones (so you can record only your voice).

    • Sound recording software.

    • Skype.

    • You need to have 1-2 hours to record during the week of March 7th through 13th. We’ll discuss exact time with actors once they’re casted. We'll try to find a date and time that suits everybody.


    1. Experience. This gig provides opportunities for real acting and working under director’s control.

    2. Be a part of a great movie. This project is really unique and has a great story. We are working very hard on it and despite a small budget it will be very innovative and well-produced.

    3. Opportunities. When the movie is done, we’ll do our best to promote it (including movie blogs and probably festivals), so this could be a great opportunity to get your name and voice out there. But if you wish, you can stay anonymous and be credited under a pseudonym.

    Thank you for your time, and good luck auditioning!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold