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    About [PAID] Evie's Not So Scary First Day of High School | Original Animated Short Film [ARTISTS & ANIMATORS NEEDED !!!]



    My name is Wendy Arias, I am an aspiring writer and actress. I have been in the process of bringing this project to life for about two years now and due to some personal issues, it had to be placed on hold. However, I am hoping to be able to start up and finally make it come to life. 

    Now the most essential part: You. I will be needing a team to help bring the behind the scenes part of the film to life. 


    Evie's Not So Scary First Day of High School is an original concept animated short film. It follows the protagonist, 14-year-old Evie Ramirez, as she faces her fear of the future and the unknown. Having suffered the recent loss of her father, Evie feels as though she has lost the support system she relied on during her childhood in order to face one of her fears: the first day of school. The big milestone of entering high school is no exception. To escape her fears, Evie finds comfort in her and father's tradition of reading their favorite book the night before the first day of school. Evie keeps the tradition alive and continues to read it every night before the first day of school. She wishes to be just like the characters in her favorite book, especially the Elven Queen Alaina. Her wishes come true the night before her first day of High School while she dreams. Join Evie as she is visited by her favorite character and a very familiar special guest who help her understand that maybe the first day of high school isn’t so scary.

    As of now, the script is completed and continuously undergoing editing and side notes for production. Many character designs and environment designs do have sketches and concepts. Creating an original project takes time and many minds, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment in order to make it happen. Which is why, I will be needing a team to help bring this project to life.


    Currently, I am looking to assemble a team of character designers, environment and building designers, storyboard artists, cover artist, video editor, music composer, and animator(s). As mentioned before, there are sketches and concepts made for much of the environments and characters. However, the concepts created for the environment need to be turned into digital designs and have a few touch ups done. All of these are needed in order to create an idea of what the film will look like and give a reference for when it is to cast voice actors. Discord will be needed to communicate. Voice actors will not be cast at the moment as I would like to have a bit done before that casting call is created.


    As of right now, I am still figuring out my budget. Please keep in mind that I am a college student and my budget is not what I would like it to be, so I apologize if the prices seem low. This is a project I am very passionate about and I would like to pay artists for their work. 

    Before auditioning, please understand that this will be a long-term project. The deadline will most likely be extended continuously to allow for more people to audition and to continue to add roles. Roles for video editor and music composer will be added later on.

    About the Creator: wendyarias

    (❋)°•° WELCOME TO MY PAGE °•° ➸ 

    Hello! My name is Wendy Arias. I’m 19 years old. I’m a high school graduate and first-year college student. I'm an aspiring actress and I'm more than willing to challenge myself. Acting has been my dream career path since I was about 12 and I'm finally taking the road to it. I'm open to any constructive criticism, so don't be afraid to tell me what I should improve on.

    Aside from acting, I'm also very interested in writing. I have many written works that I have published on some sites. I love the momentary escape from reality and being able to create a different universe. I would love to be able to improve my writing in any way. 

    I'm interested in any kind of work whether it'd be a podcast, audiobook, video game, fandub, scriptwriting, etc. I'm all for it! I give my work 100% and looking to get better at what I want to do for the rest of my life. My goal would always be to bring a character to life and every experience counts!


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