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(❋)°•° WELCOME TO MY PAGE °•° ➸ 

Hello! My name is Wendy Arias. I’m 18 years old. I’m a high school graduate and first-year college student. I'm an aspiring actress and I'm more than willing to challenge myself. Acting has been my dream career path since I was about 12 and I'm finally taking the road to it. I'm open to any constructive criticism, so don't be afraid to tell me what I should improve on.

Aside from acting, I'm also very interested in writing. I have many written works that I have published on some sites. I love the momentary escape from reality and being able to create a different universe. I would love to be able to improve my writing in any way. 

I'm interested in any kind of work whether it'd be a podcast, audiobook, video game, fandub, scriptwriting, etc. I'm all for it! I give my work 100% and looking to get better at what I want to do for the rest of my life. My goal would always be to bring a character to life and every experience counts!



Acting has been my ideal career path, I love the idea of being able to bring a whole new world and character(s) to life! However, I'm only in my beginning stages of acting, so I'm not looking for any commission although it would not be refused and would totally be greatly appreciated. Right now, all I really ask is for a recommendation if you were content with my work in order to keep building my profile. Thank you!


Client: SonicFazbear15                                

Project: Spirit Animal                           

Role: Zootropolis Nurse

Client: Austin Wells 

Project: Dark Waters 

Role: Narrator  

Project: Dirty Trails

Role: Narrator

Client: Blazing Nerd 

Project: Marvel Team-Up! Vol. 1          

Role: Black Widow 

Project: Impulse 

Role: X-S

Client: Exolovome Studio    

Position: Writer

Client: DHVO 

Role: Element Woman

Role: Nurse 1

Project: X-men Regenesis 5 (Watch it here!)

Role: Rachel Grey

Project: Justice League Volume 4 Part 1

Role: Element Woman

Client: Supernova Productions        

Project: F.E.A.R [Sims 4 Machinima]            

Role: Rebecca Serene                                   

Client: BeTinEz                                      

Project: The Last Son of Krypton                        

Roles: Lois Lane & Extra 1

Client: UnraveledPictures      

Roles: Nebula & Scarlet Witch

Client: Jackson Trent

Roles: Scarlet Witch & Extra

Client: Pinkir

Roles: Jacklynn & Jackie

Client: Multi Nerd

Role: Nebula

Client: Our Comic Relief

Role: Harley Quinn

Client: Kyp Goldenflier

Role: Cassie Lang (Ant Girl)

Role: Hala the Accuser

Client: David Militello

Role: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

I’m currently working on my own original 2D animated short film titled Evie's Not So Scary First Day of High School.

Client: Lulu

Project: The Impact Unit

Role: Elena


"I had asked them for doing an audiobook reading for a story I'm co-authoring on and she didn't just do good she blew it right out of the water into the sky. Long story short she did an amazing job" — Austin Wells (Skull Corn), on Casting Call Club.

"The day I gave her the script she quickly recorded her lines and sent them to me on the same day I gave her the script. Not only that, she did an amazing job. Hopefully, I can work with her again." — Multi Nerd on Casting Call Club

"Wendy is an exceptional voice actress. She turned in top-notch work and weeks before the desired due date. Her professionalism is refreshing. You better believe the next time I need a voice actress, she's the first one I'm coming too!" — Jackson Trent on Casting Call Club

Casting Calls and Auditons

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