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J Wolf Silver's Previously Completed Works

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    About Equestria Girls Fan Fiction Audiobook

    I wrote a My Little Pony Equestria Girls fan fiction called 'Scars of Our Past' and now, I am turning it into an audio book. Above is the first completed chapter and I would like to continue it but i need to recast some parts as some people are no longer with the project. 

    After the events of the fall formal Sunset is alone and most of the school against her. Will she accept her new friendships are real and will she realize that there is someone who wants to make her family?

    If you have a voice, you have a good chance at getting a part! The Expaliner video is what the final product will look like for now. 

    I provide scripts and direction so I would prefer if you had some voice messaging abilities other than Facebook. Preferably discord or Skype.

    There is a possibility that I would ask you to participate in a possible sequel and other projects. There will also be the need for a few extras in the book(s).


    • Decent Audio. I myself have a minuscule amount background noise but the better the audio, the better your chances
    • for Sunset and Celestia, they have internal monologues and if you have the ability to make your voice slightly echo, it would be perfect.
    • If you have or can get Skype or Discord, that would be awesome

    About the Creator: j-wolf-silver

    Hey! I'm a collage student in Alberta, Canada. I intend to enter a film program as a production major for writing and directing. I love writing and found that I really like directing, audio dramas. I am currently working on one that I created from a fan fiction I wrote a little under as year ago. 

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