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    About EGO INCORPORATED - YouTube Alter-Ego Voice Acting Project

    Hello. This is the offcial casting call for the Youtuber based VA group known as Ego Inc.orporated. The main base of our content is located on our Tumblr blog here, where we answer questions sent to the askbox and manage submission requests in the form of audio posts. 

    We welcome anyone, with some rules, however.  

    • We will not tolerate people who are transphobic, homophobic or racist at all. If you think your views clash with ours, this group isn't for you. 
    • You may audition for as many roles as you like, but can only be casted for a maximum of two roles. 
    • If you become part of this group, you will have a deadline of one audio every two weeks; three missed deadlines will mean you're removed from the group.  You are permitted, and encouraged, to submit more than one each fortnight if you wish.
    • Please DO NOT show apprehensive or aggressive behaviour if you do not get cast for a role. There are plenty of other projects out there that might suit you better. All we ask out of you is to give it a fair go and be respectful with everyone who wants to try out.

    Some characters have already been set to join us in our group, so please audition ONLY for the roles listed below. We currently already have members who are voicing Darkiplier, Googleplier, Bingiplier, Antisepticeye and Virus!Cry.

    We also have some requirements listed for anyone who wants to audition.

    • You must have a good-quality microphone to use (e.g. Blue Yeti). Pop filters are also essential but not required.
    • Knowledge of audio programs like Audacity is required. Adobe Audition is an acceptable alternative if you have that, instead. NO VOICE CHANGERS!
    • When you submit your auditions, make sure that the track doesn't have any background noise. We want to hear your voice loud and clear.
    • You can audition for as many characters as you like, but you can only send in ONE audition for each. If we believe there is room for improvement and you can do better, we will comment on your audition and may ask for you to send us a second one to see if it sounds better than your previous attempt. The maximum amount of attempts we will allow is three, so make those auditions count for you!
    • Have fun! This isn't a paid project and is made just for enjoyment and entertainment purposes.

    Upon a successful audition, you will be asked to join the main team on Discord. This will be our main platform of communication. We also ask that you be able to write your own scripts after getting accepted into our group. If you need assistance, we can help out.

    With all that, go out there and give us what you got!

    If you've read through this entire description, please say "Gotcha!" in your audition so that way we know. Thank you for reading and have fun auditioning!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold