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About Eeveelution Squad Comic Dub Project: Chapter 4 Voice Audition Casting

Alright, those who aren't able to receive a part during the main casting call or those who would be interested to join in, now's your chance! Starting from Chapter 4 to the special chapters if ever in this Pokemon comic fandub, there would be new characters appearing, mainly cameos to minor characters to major. Though in case you haven't seen the original material, I would still recommend you read the original comic first that way you could understand how the context goes and know how the character should act. 

Please note that not ALL characters that appear in Chapter 4 would be listed and open for audition, mainly simply because it's just extras and they only have around just one line at least. For those extras, I may personally handpick anyone that I think would be good enough for that moment of screentime. ^^;

Also, if you're wondering where Gus Gengar is in this...? Well... I have other plans for him... >w> ;3

Eeveelution Squad Gallery:

Requirements would still be the same:
1. Make sure your mic has little to no background noise.
2. Voice must be clear and audible.
3. Put effort into the character you're voicing. Be like that character, have feeling.
4. Make sure that if you were being casted, be attentive on calls and stay in touch.
5. Feel free to try out different tones, accents, timbres, etc. on how you interpret the character.
6. Have at least a DeviantArt or Discord account and let me know through comment or message that way it'd be easy once I get casted since the dub will be hosted on my Discord server. Those who will be casted will receive a message in either here of their account for a special invite.
7. Optional: If you have a singing voice, it'd be great but I don't think it'll be a requirement lol

I have standards when it comes to voice acting so please hopefully you'll give it your best.

BTW, if ever you weren't able to get a role, I hope I wish ya luck next time...
I hope you'll look forward to what will come, so good luck VAs!
Whether no matter how big or small the role, it's still appreciate you would cooperate and be diligent about it. Please... ;w;

In the meantime, check out PKM-150, he's awesome! :D

(Additional Note: To the VAs who already had a part on the main cast, you don't have to reaudition, but it's your choice if you wanna go for another character in case there's a lack of auditionees, as long as I think it deemed fit ^^;)

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold