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About Dubbing Steins; Gate the Video Game! (ONLY NEED MAYURI)


Okabe Rintaro: Dante Labrie

Understudy: ToaRoman

Makise Kurisu: BecomingFearless

Understudy: DreamingCompanion

Tennouji Yuugo: Arkham

Understudy: shemrock

Tennouji Nae: Mayafey

Understudy: Tennouji Nae

Amane Suzuha: AliceLuna

Understudy: echoflower

Kiryu Moeka: oh-gee

Understudy: thegeekynarwhal

Akiha Rumiho: Catbell

Understudy: PureSakura

Doctor Nakabachi: divediveburners

Urushibara Eisuke: Nemesis432

News Reporter Woman: DreamingCompanion

Announcer for Nakabachi’s Presentation: mexof

Hello there guys! I’m Ramu-Ushi[Rai]! You can call me Rai or Ramu! A few months ago I did casting for the Dangan Ronpa game and since then the first episode has released, the second coming very soon! Now I wish to turn my attention to Steins; Gate! If you want to have an idea of my quality of work, this is the first episode of DR:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpinSeZDnm0

I intend to do more things on my channel like fandubs, but this particular game a friend of mine wanted to dub so in order to do that I will need voice actors! Because of how long the game is, more than likely I'll just be doing the true ending and not all of them. It depends on how things go.

You will notice that the roles of Luka Urushibara, Mayura Shiina, and Itaru Hashida have already been taken. Luka by myself and the other two from friends I have requested to be in this dub. I asked them because I believed they would fit the character and perform well. These casting decisions WILL NOT change. I repeat, they WILL NOT change. I am simply casting for all other characters I have yet to cast.

By the day of casting I intend to have all editing done for the first episode,the script available, and all that will be needed is the lines. YOU WILL BE GIVEN 1 MONTH FOR LINES (Is subject to change depending on the circumstances such as voice actor availability.).

The performances of each character is very important to me so please remember the “ACTING” in voice acting, NOT voice READING! Feel the character, be the character, and show off those voice acting chops!!! ;0 You MUST and I mean MUST perform to get the role. Steins; Gate is filled with all kinds of crazy emotions and madness so allow me to FEEL that! If you need to get a better idea of the character, I provided detailed info on both the character background and personality.

IMPORTANT:I will give critiques if requested, but I won’t post them on the audition page. This could result in deterring other actors from wanting to audition and we can’t have that! I will pm your critique. You can access this through use of private message.

If you believe you work better when given direction, live auditions are available to you on Skype upon request. They just have to be scheduled. I willalso be offering voice calls for direction to the voice actors I cast which must be scheduled as well.

ALSO, a very important fact to keep in mind, upvotes may show the feelings of other actors on the site, but that does not mean the director feels the sameway. DO NOT let this deter you from auditioning.

Now…onto the auditioning rules!

1. I cannot stress this enough. Please use a good mic. I am not as picky as most and will accept at least decent mic quality. By that I mean, noise removal on Audacity should at least be able to make you sound decent. To be quite frank, a terrible mic could keep you from being cast completely.
2. No heavy background noise or peaks. If you have any problems with controlling your mic levels, message me in the visitor’s comments on my profile page.
3. Please turn in lines on time. I don’t intend to hunt you down for them. At least notify me in advance if you won’t be able to do so. I’m very considerate.Continuous unexplained lateness for lines could result in being recast.
4. Have fun with it and give it all you got!



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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold