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    About Dreamkeepers

    fandub of Dreamkeepers i do have permission to dub the comic 

    Dreamkeepers is an independent comic series produced by David and Liz Lillie. It tells the tale of a small group of young Dreamkeepers, beings who live in a dream world parallel to ours and only glimpsed in dreams. Each one is tied to a human on earth, yet they are as ignorant of us as we are of them. Even so, their mere existence protects our dreaming minds from the Nightmares, villainous creatures who despise all life and wish for nothing more than its destruction. And if a Dreamkeeper is killed in the dream world, the Nightmares can attack their human counterpart unhindered.To prevent this, the Dreamkeepers all have a unique power to protect themselves and their friends. For many years, they have used these powers to fight back against the Nightmares and finally managed to defeat them in a great battle long ago. However, Nightmares never die, and generations of peace have bred complacency among the Dreamkeepers, even going so far as to outlaw the use of their powers. And it's only a matter of time before the Nightmares return.

    The Dreamkeepers are good and the dark dreamkeepers and nightmares are evil

    Some charcters do cuss so must be confertable will cussing

    Comic Rated PG13

    Cast list

    Mace – Jonathan Jones

    Lilith – Nikki Crawford

    Paige – Mippa

    Scuttler – Jordan Emmet

     Lord Void – Dominic James

    Tinsel - Lucy Ernest

    Narrator – Cole9

    Randy – Archer767

    Sacrifice Victim -  Faith030

    Whip – Kissemisseh

    Grunn – Daveofthedead13

    Cat girl 1 & 3 – The Judyhwang

    Cat girl 2 – Angelofdarkness101

    Wisp – Lauren Clare

    Scott James – Igrath Winters

    Bast, Monster Noises, Warning – Tech dubpsych

    Namah Calah, Cuddles – Esmeraldkitty

    TV Voice – Felt65

    Ravat – Baran Firat

    Scintier – Mythbuff

    Nabondius – Michael Joseph Cloke

    Indi and Digo (Twins) – Elaine48e

    Guard 1 – Dustbi

    Guard 2 – Wolfblade

    Nainso Ziska – Connor Note

    Bill – Neon Rush

    Damon – Mister_skins

    Woods – Manoji Anad

    Tendril - Nitzdan

     Mr Nibbs – Jym Shaman

    Teacher – Elroy Jelinek

    Boy – Joeyva

    Nightmare 1 Snowykies

    Soldier - Wolfblade93

    CSI Person-  Aidan Artymiuk

    Soldier 2-

    Soldier 3-

    Commander –

    Soldier 4 –

    Soldier 5 –

    News Person –

    Nightmare 2 –

    Nightmare 3 –

    Nightmare 4 –

    Night Mare 5-

    Nightmare 6-

    Nightmare 7-

    Nightmare 8-

    Nightmare 9 –

    Solider 6 –



    Viscount Calah-

    Guard –

    Orphan 1-

    Orphan 2-

    Orphan 3 –


    Vanth –

    Big Guard-

    Vox –

    Scythe- Greg Wood

    Library man-

    Soldier 8-

    Vill- Madeline Mcqueen 


    Gater’s Girl-


    Soldier 9-

    Teen 1-

    Teen 2-

    Teen 3-

    News voice-

    Addotinal Voices - 

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