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    About Dragon Ball Webseries : Adventures of Aipom

    This is a casting call for a multimedia project named "The Adventures of Aipom", a lighthearted shonen inspired web-series using completely original characters that happen to inhabit the world of Dragonball. There are plans to take the series as far as possible, but the portion being listed here will span an initial run of 8 episodes with run times ranging from Ten to Fifteen minutes. (With brief lesser appearances in minor cameos on the distribution platform.) The series is presented through original art elements, Video Game aesthetics,  and gameplay sequences for an appeal hoping to capture the attention of not only Dragonball fans, but the massive playerbase of the game itself.

    If you know anything about 'Dragon Ball', the series is teeming with energy, high octane action and a comedic edge to boot- something we would like to make sure is faithfully adapted to the unique story we plan to tell in this first season.

    The series was initially pitched months ago to a unanimously positive viewer reaction on the youtube channel that will host it- with more interest surging recently as the characters have been featured in small vignettes highlighting their quirky peronalities and butting egos. After doodling and drawing comics for years, I'd love to try my hand at dramatic and comedic storytelling on a grand scale- in front of a quickly growing audience, all while possibly making friends and frequent collaborators at the same time.

    The 'pilot' season has had all of it's main points, characters, and character arcs mapped out, with hiccups mainly stemming from the lack of a supporting cast. As mentioned earlier we'd love to be able to expand the series beyond it's initial run, with recurring roles for the major and minor characters and a budget to even have original animation done for the series- (but for now, we've got to get things off the ground!)

    And while we'd prefer to have a quick turnover for the small cameos of the characters in affiliated videos, we don't plan on releasing any of the remaining 7 full length episodes until we have the entire first season recorded, meaning recording schedules aren't exactly tight- but we would appreciate progress updates or frequent communication.

    Any and all collaborators will have their contact information listed in any "Adventures of Aipom" related video even if they don't appear in them, because the least we can do is help someone else achieve their dreams and goals as we quickly reach ours! We'll supply references among Youtube Dragonball Content Creators if requested to help you find additional work after the project, and we'll personally see to it that you're compensated for your role in the series. 

    We're looking forward to hearing from you!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold