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    About Dragon Ball Super Manga Dub

    YO! It's been awhile!

    Hello Everyone and WELCOME ABOARD! 

    As you can tell from the title and picture, I'm here to inform each and everyone of you that a group of VA's named Heavenly Host Dubs  is taking action and taking the Dragon Ball Super Manga and dubbing it from start to finish! That means Battle of Gods all the way to the most recent arc, The Goku Black Arc! We'll be covering the Main Characters in the Battle of Gods Arc and the Universe 6 Tournament Arc first! However, There's no need to panic, Everyone in the Goku Black Arc will be added on here  in the near future. (I'll stop now xD)

    As you can see some characters aren't on the Casting Call, Those Characters are:




    Cabba (or Cabe)

    Reason being is that those characters have been casted within group. We understand completly if we put your hopes of being Goku or Vegeta down, and we're extremly sorry! But Hey, There's a whopping 27 characters on here for you to select, so that's not too bad!

    Since I happen to be part of this group myself, I decided to make the Casting Call for this HUGE Project we plan to see right to the end of it's run! Hopefully, everyone here, casted or not, will see it to the end as well (It's your own option to watch dont worry! ^^) Now on the the rules!


    1.  Have good mic quality

    For this project, It's very important to have good microphone quality. USB or Professional Mic will do fine, and I can understand some phone microphones are pretty decent too, So if that's your only option then, go for it! However, There can not be any sort of background noise, we need to be able to hear you clearly and focus on your voice, while trying not to worry about something like... the TV being on while you record your audition. 

    2. Be prepared to SCREAM and show emotion.

    If there's one thing the Dragon Ball series is known for the most aside from the ridiculous hair, It's Screaming. You're going to have to give it you're all for the characters who are shown with this description in one of their lines: [ A series of the following: Yelling, Impact Noises, Grunts, Shouts, Battle Sounds]  

    That means holds nothing back for those or the attacks listed for some most of the fighters! Not only that but we've put audition lines in a order of casual talking/ comedy dialouge for the first set, while the second set consists of more serious lines. So, you'vegot to show emotion while doing these since that is very vital. Afterwards, Go make yourself some tea to soothe your throat from your hard work!

    3. Don't making fun or disrespecting other auditions 

    This is a pretty big one. If you happen to find an audition "bad" or "unfitting for that role", don't go and comment that on their audition. They've worked hard and did their best to portray the character as they see fit. And who knows, Maybe that person whose "unfitting for the role" might be perfect in our opinion . So, please be nice and respectful to other VA's, ok ^^? 

    4. HAVE FUN! 

    Even though this is a Dragon Ball project which should be taken seriuosly, Fill free to have fun with your auditions! Try doing some improv with the voice after you've covered the sets of audition lines if that makes you comfortable! This also gives us the chance to see how you'd represent the character or characters in different scenarios. 

    As a side note, We've listed every characters VA, English Dub or Japanese Dub, so you can look and listen to those as reference. You can follow those if you'd like to if you want to try to sound like the offical VA's. However, your own interpretation for the character or characters are also allowed, since in some cases the VA's interpretation will sound better than the offical VA's. Also before anyone asks, We'll allow Team Four Star interpretation of the characters as well, if you'd wish. But, please don't take advantage of that. If it gets carried away then those intrepretations will not be allowed. 

    If you want to check out our channel, Heavenly Host Dubs, Our channel will be linked below.

    Heavenly Host Dubs Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1al7SnFeIYaG9K_eYJ2HFQ 

    We don't have much content on the channel right now but we'll be kicking it into gear soon! 

    Now, with all that out of the way, I wish each and every Voice Actor who auditions for this project the best of luck! 



    (Link to trailer is up above)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold