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    About Doki Doki Literature Club - [Fandub]

    1. - Doki Doki Literature Club -
    2. Game Description

    3. The Literature Club is full of cute girls! Will you write the way into their heart? This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.

    -Project details-

    Before everything, if you haven't played Doki Doki Literature Club, it's highly suggested to check out the game before auditioning.  The game itself is roughly 4 - 5 hours and is worth the experience, and knowing the characters more closely could help auditions and expectations.

    The title of this project is very self-explanatory. I have decided to try to start a group that aims to dub over various scenes from the game (I would love to do the whole game, but I am not sure if that'd be possible unless the voice actors are very dedicated to the project).

    Rules before auditioning

    Make sure you have a decent microphone before auditioning, I'd like to make this fan-dub as high of quality as possible! It's fine if there's slight white noise, but if your microphone picks up various noises that can't be cancelled out, that may be a problem for the future if casted.

    Have a Discord or at least be willing to pay a visit to the project's server via browser or app from time to time, if you can't work this out, let me know as soon as casted.

    You must be active or aware of what's happening for the project. I will setup a Discord server with all the voice actors/staff and actively have updates/announcements regarding the project. (Such as scripts, or other inquiries).

    When you're in the Discord server or talking to other members, please try to be kind or respectful to others, drama in the group is the least optimal and unhealthiest relationship between members in a cast!

    I'm not very strict on deadlines, this is a casual project after all, but stay on top of deadlines before I get on your case (of course I'll be kind and respectful when questioning about lines).
     Don't come to me with poor excuses, you can tell me the truth and I would probably be appeased. 
    But I'd really like to have the lines turned in by 2 - 3 weeks. 
    If there are reasons why you may be late or can't turn in a certain set of lines, let me know ASAP.

    Note: This game does have vulgar/sensitive content for individuals with anxiety ot depression, by auditioning, you should be "fine" with acting out these things.

    I have been working on this casting call late at night, so I apologize ahead of time if there are any mistakes and misinformation. If any of the roles' audition lines need any more context, or if there are any inquiries at all about the project, let me know through DMs or context!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold