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Randomgamegirl's Previously Completed Works

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    About Do It For Him/Me - Lapis/Jasper Version (Animatic) Steven Universe

    Hey there, I'm looking for two talented voice actors to sing the fan version of  Do it for him/Her, and to also do a small amount of monaloge. 

    Lyrics to the song, full credit to : http://abovelimitations.tumblr.com/

    LAPIS: I do it for him
    And I would do it again
    I do it for him
    That is to say, I'll do it for them
    LAPIS: Keep myself strong
    Keep my mind in focus
    As she's fighting upwards
    Love will be my key
    LAPIS: One day, two days
    Will the time pass faster?
    And as she's fighting upwards
    Keep my chains on her
    LAPIS: Keep myself strong
    JASPER: Weak!
    LAPIS: Keep my mind in focus!
    JASPER: Pathetic!
    LAPIS: And as she's fighting upwards
    JASPER: Usless!
    JASPER: Do you think you can win?
    LAPIS: One day, two days
    JASPER: Yes, but you cannot hold me forever!
    JASPER: Everything you lack, everything you aren't
    You will give me
    On the battlefield
    When everything is chaos
    And you'll be nothing but an empty shell
    Your power mine to control
    Just think about the lives I'll take
    My glory after the war!
    JASPER: And I do it for me,
    That's how I know I can win!
    I do it for me, that is to say
    I'll escape the sea!
    JASPER: Deep down you know
    You weren't built for fighting
    LAPIS: But that doesn't mean
    I'm not prepared to try!
    LAPIS: What you don't know
    Is my real advantage!
    When you've been forsaken
    You're prepared to die
    LAPIS: Deep down, I know
    That I'm just one weak Gem
    JASPER: Exactly!
    LAPIS: But I know that I can hold these chains and fight!
    JASPER: But I know that she could keep me chained in spite...
    LAPIS: With my short existence
    JASPER: No!
    LAPIS: I can make a difference
    JASPER: You can't!
    LAPIS: I will stay here for him,
    I can make this right!
    LAPIS: I can do it for him,
    And I would do it again!
    I do it for him - and now I'll say
    I do it for them.

    About the Creator: randomgamegirl

    Just a crazy scottish lassy!

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