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That Guy In The Chair's Previously Completed Works

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    About Disorder Within Us [Minecraft Faction Series]

    EDIT 9/25/2017: I'm alive, great. Thought I would be dead by now, huh. Anyways, just wanted to say there's a discord, in which I will be putting further updates on there. Here's an invite link: https://discord.gg/sqWy8WT

    EDIT 7/12/2017: I've been practicing animation for a bit, feeling a little more comfortable using some sort of animation rather than the game itself. For now, I will begin to make new characters, as well as cast some of the roles.

    EDIT 6/27/2017: I've begun to realize that a Minecraft Machinima is very limited, and so I'm planning on instead making it an animation. Currently, I'm thinking of still keeping it simple so the production speed of videos are quicker. To do this however, I'm going to have to use a program such as Mine-imator.

    This is a Minecraft Machinima based around the game idea of Factions. While it is based upon factions, it's plot isn't just a simple raid and attack type of story. It begins with a couple friends joining a server they saw that was getting much attention, although they didn't know why. Upon joining, they discovered the attention it was getting was due to people complaining about the abusive moderator ruling over the server. They decide that they most likely won't be bothered, and venture out into the world, trying to build themselves up. They begin to meet servants of the moderator who were sent to kill them, since nobody was supposed to leave spawn. Only reason they did was due to the low quantity of guards patrolling the perimeter. Anyhow, the story continues with the friends fighting against the moderator and his servants, as well as meeting others that will either help them, or destroy them. The moderator sees that they're doing well, but they are still dying a lot, and so he decides to make a new rule to the server:

    - Anyone who now dies over three times will be automatically banned from the server permanantly. In order to remove this rule, the players Ylante and Ensen must be banned by this rule.

    With that rule being enforced, the friends must survive the harsh conditions of the world.

    Originally, I wanted this to be an animated series, however I do not have the experience to do such a thing. How this will work is those who receive the role of a character will also receive a discord link. This link will go to a server that will act as a hub for all VAs that get the role. From there we will discuss how things will work and everything. I may need help from others, so if anyone has a Minecraft account, I would greatly appreciate it if you all could perhaps join a server of mine, although I can use a mod like CustomNPCs (If that's the title) to make players. Anyhow, that is it~ I really wish I could offer a trailer, but it just wouldn't work with me being the only one doing voice work and production.


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold