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Tehspacesnake's Previously Completed Works

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    About Dismortal

    Description: Dismortal is an original Visual Novel project about an earth devoid of humanity. In its place are strange sentient creatures in which have taken over, but suspiciously use a lot of human tools and their language. The reader/player suffers from amnesia due to head trauma, and cannot remember why or how they got there. Upon awakening in this new world, the reader/player finds they are the last human in existence. This makes them a target of commotion and starting an adventure that could possibly mean life or death. Perhaps the even finding out the mysteries of the new species' history.

    In order for my project to go smoothly, I'm going to need professional voice actors for each character. The art and mechanics will be well thought out, and in order to make these fleshed out characters come to life I've decided to add voice actors instead of silence. The main character, however (the player) will not have a VA, since my vision is for the player to feel like they are the character.

    The visual novel if completed will be sold for a low price to consumers. %25 of those profits will be split between all the VA's hired for the project. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL SET PAY. Payment will completely be based on performance and amount of sells and if Dismortal does not fair popular, the amount of money earned could potentially be almost nothing. This is also if all goes smoothly because there are mistakes and problems it is also possible that the novel itself could take years to complete. I'm hoping to avoid years, though and would like the VN to be completed in a couple of years at latest.

    Each and every character plays an important part! Please be aware that only the best, clearest, and emotional actors will receive parts. However don't let that make you feel threatened, I encourage everyone interested in trying even if you don't think you're any good. I will always give positive feedback.

    The name of the VN was originally Camp Comatose but was then changed to Dismortal which is a combination of the words Dismay and Mortal. 

    About the Creator: tehspacesnake

    I'm a young adult female who is looking to delve into my voice acting career as well as my art, and writing career. I can do a range of voices, and do best with peppy roles. I am an excellent writer (not really), and have published a novel on Amazon Kindle. I am always writing multiple books at a time, and work a lot of the day. Recording day for me is on Saturdays, and only occasionally Tuesdays. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold