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About Batman Detective Comics Motion Comic Ep 1

I am making a motion comic out of the first issue of the New 52 Detective Comics. I'll be playing Batman and an important man will be playing Joker.

SORRY! I know those are the two characters everyone wanted to play as, but please still audition and tell everyone!



Must Haves:

1) A good microphone

2) Be able to take direction

3) Be able to do lines within three weeks

4) Be able to redo lines if needed

When you get the role, I will explain more.

About the Creator: noahhakvern

Just a guy who sometimes makes motion comics.

I've learned everything I know about making  motion  comics and voice  acting on my own.  I  started three years ago and I  don't plan on stopping. 

While I enjoy voice acting , making videos is where I think I truly belong.  I may not get many views on my projects that I submit to Youtube but I've gotten quite a few comments complimenting me of my effort as well as the voice actors that helped me finish it.  I have had very few people who generally disliked what I made. Which, I guess, is good. 

I don't know what else I'm doing with my Batman voice but people seem to like it. 

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