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About noahhakvern

Just a guy who sometimes makes motion comics.

I've learned everything I know about making  motion  comics and voice  acting on my own.  I  started three years ago and I  don't plan on stopping. 

While I enjoy voice acting , making videos is where I think I truly belong.  I may not get many views on my projects that I submit to Youtube but I've gotten quite a few comments complimenting me of my effort as well as the voice actors that helped me finish it.  I have had very few people who generally disliked what I made. Which, I guess, is good. 

I don't know what else I'm doing with my Batman voice but people seem to like it. 

  • @pedroprovina

    Noah is doing an amazing job as Batman for my Superman & Bugs Bunny comic dub videos. His Batman's voice is very close to Kevin Conroy’s voice, but not only that, I could tell he has good skill for deep and low voices in general just by listening to his line recordings. He’s also very professional and always made sure each take was as different from one another as possible.