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Professional stage actor and voiceover artist! 

Big Stage credits: National Tour of Kinky Boots, the Musical.

Big VO credits: Spam in "Bad Luck Jack" by VivziePop, and many characters in StarForce Media dubs.

  • @yamatoguru

    Eric is an amazing talent who is incredibly versatile and easy to work with.

    He voices Donatello and Casey Jones for my "TMNT" comic dub and he never fails to deliver quality performances. He is dedicated to bringing project directors' visions to life and always provides a nice variety of takes that makes editing a smooth and enjoyable experience. Eric is also great in group settings, providing appropriate and helpful feedback where necessary and offering encouragement to other voice actors.

    I've also worked with Eric with our roles reversed, he as the director and I the voice talent for his comic dub of "Slightly Damned." I can confirm that in that situation he is just as great to work with, providing clear and distinct direction and offering full support to myself and the rest of the cast.

    HIGHLY recommended - a pleasure to work with.