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    About Destiny of the Blue Rose

    Destiny of the Blue Rose is a non-profit visual novel that is being made by me. I do not have any art ready to be posted, but I am working on it. I do have the characters planned as well as some of the story.

    This is a major work in progress and know that the deadline may be extended depending on the voices I receive or on if I do not get enough voices. 

    About the Game

    Setting: Medievel era with fantasy outlook and magical componants. 

    Type: Visual Novel/Otome

    Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery 


    Life within the Kingdoms of Vitam Terramwas once a calm and peaceful one, without conflict or violence. The land was looked over by the Gelum of Cealum, who governed and kept the land fruitful. 

    However, with the growing powers of the kingdom below the ground, Barathrum, had begun to cause change to the land of Vitam Terram. Darkness swept the land and violence ensued from the hearts of man. With the growing chaos, more strength and power was channeled to the Daemone, creatures and rulers of Barathrum

    A bloody war broke out between the Daemone and Gelum, causing much destruction to the lands of Vitam Terram. Only one thing was able to stop this bloodshed and destruction. Celeste, daughter of the Deverum, King of Cealum and creator of Vitam Terram

    At the cost of Celeste's eternal life, the war ended, dispealing the power the Deamone had gathered and the anger the Gelum possessed. Everything was set right, the Deamone sent back to their land below, Gelum to their kingdom above and man inbetween. 

    Peace is restored.

    But peace can never last.

    Game Details

    Eglantine is a girl who was raised by the 'Church' because of a blue rose mark upon her back that she was born with. Now at the age of 20, she goes on her journey after being told of it by a celestial being. Four young men join her on her quest as her guardians and she must travel the land in search of the ancient temples to which holds a piece of her past. With these piece, her true destiny will be revealed to her as well as the trials she will face along the way. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold