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Thegreatjuliesofficial's Previously Completed Works

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    About Dericson x Soleil - That Pink Haired Heated Love

    I'm doing a remake video from July 2018 to be doing an OC x Canon Couple dubbing of the fandub of Fire Emblem Support Conversation to take me to blast to the past to make the video be like the 1980s romantically ballad music and the part scene with a twisted of a doujinshi feel style to it......

    Dericson my Fire Emblem OC, pink-haired and Soleil the Adorable Adorer from Fire Emblem Fates...

    Please contact me on discord so we can talk about the production of this video project.. For a dubbing about this video project of the support conversation

    About the Creator: thegreatjuliesofficial

    I'm a voice actor/ multi-creator/ and a creative person and an artist.. If you do voice acting and creation and production stuff.


    I'm a very long-time veteran user that debut in the online community back in late 2005 off December that started deviantART and online forum site, etc.. I been around for a very long time since.... I AM a legendary person who is known for other things such as making/ creating videos/ drawing/ I do voice actor for my own pace and my own project- no one hasn't invited me to do a project so SINCE, sculpting and few others things - I'm a multi-creator and a creative artistic..

     And been an ignored VA actor have not been invited by other people project for a long time at all I been doing my own voice act stuff since 2008 for myself back then.

    PLEASE CONTACT ME onto discord server of mine that are:

    https://discord.gg/jVJyj4Scuu (My Podcast)

    https://discord.gg/Wxk5RFMcxJ (My Voice Act cast and Crew Production)

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