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Mickeyjo10's Previously Completed Works

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About Deltarune Chapter 1 Musical

Hello! I'm looking for people to help me with a Deltarune musical for Chapter 1! The entire thing is mostly written by me and a few friends. A few rules and disclaimers before we start. 

- Some roles have already been cast. These include the roles of Kris, Susie, Ralsei, and Noelle and I will not be looking at auditions for these characters. 

- Please have a decent microphone with little to no background noise. 

- I'm going to ask this be a 15+ project, so please do not audition if you are under 15. 

- The current deadline is set to February 6th; however, this may be extended if I feel I need more auditions. 

- You may be given feedback on your audition. This feedback is a way for you to improve your audition if necessary. While you are not required to re-audition, doing so is highly recommended. 

- All singing auditions must have at LEAST 1 minute of singing in them. Any auditions without it will not be considered. 

About the Creator: mickeyjo10

Roles that I currently play:
Toriel- Undertale Movie
Asriel/Writer/Director- ParodyTale
Chara and Co-Director- UTGBM Original 
XMuffet and XFrisk- XTale/Underverse Dub
Brooke- Adventures of Tanner and Brooke

Lily- Rainbow Figures
Muffet and Shyren- Magyctale
Hat Kid- Hat In Time Musical
Asriel- Underfell Comic Dub
Alphys- Undertale Pacifist Dubbing Crew
Female Singer- Court Jester Musical Theatre
Minor Characters- The SpongeBob Musical: An Audio Play
Frisk- A Tale
Monster Kid- Stay Determined
Frisk- Undersmule 202X
Alphys- Dubber Studios
Frisk- Heart Comic
Nagisa- True Aspirations

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