♡  Cyrus | 21 | They/He | aspiring voice actor, cosplayer, writer, and 2d artist ♡

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About CinderPrint

Hi! I'm CinderPrint, but you can also call me Cyrus! I love to draw, voice act, cosplay, play games, and sometimes animate. I'm a huge fan of Pokémon, Deltarune/Undertale, Splatoon, JJBA, Animal Crossing, and much more!

Voice acting is a huge passion for me, and I've done it online for almost eight years now. My dream is to pursue voice acting in the future!

If I am casted for any roles in a project, please credit me as "CinderPrint"! It's my name on YouTube, Twitter/X, TikTok, Instagram, and (although I don't use it much right now) Newgrounds.

Adventures in Voice Acting by Bang Zoom! - 2023

Voice Acting Technique

Instructed by Tony Oliver

I was able to take this course after placing as the runner-up of HolMat 2022's voice acting contest!

Adventures in Voice Acting by Bang Zoom! - 2023

HolMat Intro to Voice Acting

Instructed by Tony Oliver

I was able to take this course due to being a finalist in HolMat 2022's voice acting contest! (I did go on to be the runner-up as well, but every finalist gets the intro course.)


I usually just voice act for fun, but I'd be happy to join a paid project too!

What CinderPrint is looking for

I mainly joined Casting Call Club to get involved with voice acting projects, and to build up my experience for a potential voice acting career. It's also a fun way to meet lots of people with similar interests, and make new friends along the way!

I am comfortable with playing characters with any gender identity/expression. As long as I'm in character, I'm totally okay with anything!

Also, I feel like I should mention this: yes, artist/animator is in my profile because I do like to draw and sometimes animate, but I do not take art/animation commissions or requests. I am only looking for voiceover work here on CCC.

  • @leagueofhobos

    This person is an incredibly talented individual- and as an added bonus, THEY'RE INCREDIBLY FUN TO WORK WITH!!! Really wanna work with this individual more in the future :)

  • @sanboi_donker

    Let me say...
    Let me just say this person is a compact package of pure talent! Very unique voice with quite a lot of range!

    Extremely friendly and filled with high energy all the time!
    Guaranteed you'll always have a great time with them, whether it's project related or otherwise!

    Highly recommend at least checking them out!

  • @Candaru_Driemor

    CinderPrint voiced Aloe Cookie in my fandub of "Cyborg Menace" and absolutely knocked it out of the park! Their voice has such a unique timber to it, and they were a joy to direct. I highly recommend them!

  • @daksdoesstuff

    They delivered just the right voice for my project. I recommend them!