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About Delivery Bird *RECAST*


We worked on this last year but the best laid plans don't often work out, so we had to drop the project for a while. We've resumed production and have lost contact with our original voice actress for ruby, so we are looking to fill her role once more. You can find the original casting call here:


We would like to get off the ground as soon as possible so auditions will be closed by Sunday!


Hi there voice actors!

We’re Jess and Connor, aspiring animators working on an upcoming short called Delivery Bird.  The story centers around a delivery service run by various bird species.  

The post office is divided into an array of services, with robins and bluebirds delivering good news, storks delivering baby letters, doves delivering love letters, and crows delivering--you guessed it--bad news.  Of course, the main character is a crow named Corvi in this department who constantly gets complaints.  

His friends Ruby the Robin and Wendell the Stork help him discover a secret that changes the post office forever.

Although there is no monetary compensation, gifts such as models, original artwork, and concept art from the story can be provided to the voice actors if shipping address is available.

- NOTE: the script for the story is complete and as soon as we find our final voice actors, we will be sending it out immediately. -


- You MUST have a good, clear mic! We will not tolerate having any sort of static or background noise in our animation, and please be as eloquent in speech as possible.

- Having a Skype account is preferred since it's easiest for us to communicate through there if you have any sort of questions.

- Must be quick to respond! We are trying to get the voices for our animation as quickly as possible so we can produce a quality production even faster.

- Must be loyal! Any voice actors who are given a role and suddenly drop out will be put on a public blacklist and will not be allowed to audition for any future productions by either of us.

Since the production of this animation is still in it's early stages, we ask that you keep any information about it as private as possible until we make a public announcement about it to our fans/followers.

Thank you!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold