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    About DanganRonpa: Lost Despair Games Fan Radio Play

    Hello Casting Call Club! It is AudreyIvy again with another project in need of your fantastic voicework!

    The following project is unaffiliated with Modus Operandi Productions, the group I work with on The Parable Project that finished casting a month ago, and is in fact a personal project with no intent to be professionally published or monetized. It's purely for fun and entertainment.

    "Things finally seemed to be looking up for Ansho Kurikoto. For years, she'd been taking every job she could find asking for her code cracking abilities and superior intellectual mind, just to make life bearable for her and her only friend Satoshi on the streets of Shibuya. Her parents were long gone, and it was anyone's guess if they even existed anymore. It seemed unfitting for one of the best freelance hackers to be living in a gutter. Until an email of Hope arrived in her mailbox. Hope's Peak actually. Unexpectedly, Kurikoto had been invited to the notorious Hope's Peak as the best in her age at Cryptology. It was a chance for something new, a glint of Hope in her Despair-filled existence. But somehow it seems, Despair will always find a way to return..."

    The Dangan Ronpa: Lost Despair Games Radio Play is a YouTube-based project I've been idly working on in my free time. It is a fan created killing game scenario with an entirely brand new cast of characters with new talents still within the World of Despair; played out in the form of a blend between a radio drama and a visual novel with character voices narrating out the entire story accompanied by sprites and supplemental visuals to compliment and accent the narrative. Some features of the DR canon will still exist such as class trials, free time, and of course, the progressive murders throughout the story, with other more directly interactive elements removed. 

    That is not to say it's not interactive though. If we just told a story, all we'd be is a low budget version of the anime. In DR:LDG, points of the game where a player would get a choice will fall onto viewer's votes, allowing them to alter the narrative and choose who the protagonist befriends during their free time possibly altering the course of events, and it lies with the viewers to collectively solve the murders of Hope's Peak Academy and save the survivors from certain doom. Will Hope prevail among the masses, or will the Despairing Red Herrings prevent the truth from emerging?

    This casting call is to bring on VAs for all sixteen of the survivor characters, in addition to other important roles in the story such as the narrator and antagonist character. Scripts for each episode will be provided when ready, and given the potential unexpected shifts, will only start production soon after the previous episode has aired, so recording periods are fast and loose. DR: LDG will likely not have a regular update schedule, but is aiming for monthly to bi-monthly episodes for an estimated total of 24 episodes in the entire series.

    If you wish to get involved, be sure to prepare the following...

    -A good, clean mic with little to no feedback or distortion

    -Enough time in a month to record potentially several minutes of dialogue

    -To have personal influence on your character and be asked for advice on their progression

    -A Willingness to dork around, have fun, provide bloopers, and potentially record dialogue with other actors over the web.

    Happy Auditioning!



    EXTRA NOTE: Auditions are still open! Callbacks roll through production!

    If you do not see your name here, you are not being considered for the role you've auditioned for. If you name is here, please either email [redacted] or message me on Skype at audrey.curtis-schreiber, to receive the new additional lines you'll be performing. These lines will come in four sections, one being more dialogue from the plot, one being potential dialogue from a Freetime section, one being dialogue on the chance that character were to be a survivor at the end of the story, and one for if the character ends up being one of the killers of the tale. They will pull from you a great range and hopefully will show if you're capable of handling all aspects of the character. Note; You may be called back for roles you did not audition for. Another Note; Those who contacted over email will not be here. They will just receive their callback.

    The following people are called back as Thursday, June 30th at 4:30 PM MST

    Shigen - Cast to ross-xvi

    Tsuiseki - Cast to Sword of Swords

    Tatsumaki - Cast to sweetsdetective

    Hebi - Cast to Kanen

    Sensaina - Cast to Vlad Jones

    Kimyona - Cast to arcaneranger

    Kurikoto - Cast to Captainbatbrain

    Keberu - Cast to Katalyie

    Hyaku - Cast to Kotonato

    Kumori - Cast to Ruka Samuels

    Torotto - Cast to eskao654

    Ryuko - Cast to sweetsdetective

    Shikibo - Cast to azure_mountain

    Sakkaku - Cast to thegeekynarwhal

    Nikibi - Cast to Mr.brocklee

    Fukuro - Cast to Helenatacy

    Narrator -  Cast to Lmvox

    Monokami - Cast to Anajo Skylark

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold