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Bloox's Previously Completed Works

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    About Danganronpa: Tides of Desolation

    Danganronpa: Tides of Desolation is a non-profit danganronpa fan-made Audio Book/Novel Series

    Set in a world recovering from a war that left the planet desolate 12% of all human life was lost, in need, in an seemingly endless pandemic. This war was known as perhaps the worst event in the history of man. The war is considered so taboo that speaking about it publicly can result in imprisonment.  How does one even try and combat the pure tragedy of a war that swept to every last nation? Well of course, the only logical answer is with the grandest cruise known to man! 

    The son of a billionaire, Akiyama Kaminari offers to take 20 ultimate students upon his grand cruise ship for 2 weeks around the ocean, to live in the lap of luxury. However, as it may be obvious, not everything goes to plan, the first sign being 21 ultimates show up, instead of the planned 20.  Upon meeting their host, Akiyama Kaminari, a few seem unsettled. But a few looming clues lead them to believe this is not the man they expected to meet, as they go to leave, the ship sets sail, and the game begins.

    I'm looking for 22 voice actors, for the 21 students + the host! The requirements aren't much, but you must be 14+, and the audition should have little to no background noise if at all possible, there are guidelines for how each character should sound, a little creativity is always appreciated!

    Please leave your discord in the description below so I can reach out to you if need be.

    This is not connected to the danganronpa universe in the slightest, it's set in a completely different universe. Where ultimates exists, ultimate schools exists, but hopes peak academy and all that entailed does not, this will focus on themes of Trust vs Fear

    This is going to be a series of audio books, as well as regular books to just read along on Wattpad if you prefer to read rather than listen. The Prologue will be split into 2 separate parts, and then for the rest of the 8 chapter series, it will be split into 3 audio books, Daily life, Deadly life and the trial

    It is important that I will need you guys to voice act EVERY line you guys have

    Here's the discord if you guys are interested https://discord.gg/9SSAPm96Es

    About the Creator: Bloox

    I won't beat around the bush with this one, I ain't the most professional guy, which is why I've kept myself low down with only making it a book and audiobook, this makes sure no one is overworked, and a larger team isn't needed! I also send a lot of memes so... sorry about that before hand.

    I value the mental wellbeing of my team over all else. I'll still be setting deadlines for lines, however if something important crops up, I'm not some sort of monster, you can take your time. I want to make sure everyone is happy.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold