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About DanganRonpa:Divided

This project which is integrally non-profit. We do not intend to spend any money during the creation of this project nor earn any money through its publishing. This Project is intended to be for fun and sharing between persons. If you are interested in the project, join the Discord server linked to it for the latest updates !

What is DanganRonpa:Divided ? It is a fan series created by Skriff -myself- which features the same concept as the game DanganRonpa : 16 students are locked within a school and forced to commit the perfect murder to escape. If they fail, they are executed ! Due to the fact coding a real game is hard, this project will be a webseries submitted to YouTube. I plan on trying to make the first chapter for this summer, but I can't promise anything. I want to privilege quality over quantity, and I am really motivated to drive this project to the very end of it. The full project is planned to be completed before 2 years big maximum. Why are there "two sides" ? The essential concept of DanganRonpa:Divided is that the story is separated in two "sides". As you will see, there are twins among the cast - the Okisei twins. Each of them is the narrator and main character of their own side, though they do not lose their importance in the other's one. However ! Every side goes differently : the murders, the motives, the mastermind, everything is different though the characters and the setting remains the same ! Which means that with Divided, you haven't got one Killing Game, but two. And also that even if you favorite dies first in one killing game, maybe he'll live longer in the other - or even survive it ! This specificity also means that voice actors will all have similar screen-time, and will probably act as both killers, victims, survivors...

More info ?
Please know that improvisation lines are highly appreciated in an audition. The more you seem to understand how the characters talks, thinks and reacts, the most your chances to be selected are high. I'll prefer a less good voice actor but one that can improvise and understand the character to someone that is better but needs precise lines to voice act them. So, do not hesitate to add any lines you think of, or even improvise monologues. However, please, do not exceed 2 minutes in your auditions. In the same line of thought, feel free to audition as any character you want, even multiple ones ! If you have an original take to give of a character, I'm open to suggestions. It is perfectly possible to prefer a total different voice/tone than the suggested one.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold