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Lyricthecat's Previously Completed Works

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    About Danganronpa/ Town of salem fan project

    Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/BY7XTJU (incase you don't read all this which you should :)

    (Deadline listed is not official)


    Catchy Summary: 

    16 people wake up in a hotel. They all are assigned ‘roles’ based on the game Town of Salem. Based on whatever role they have, they have a specific action to do at night. Whether they’re part of the town, mafia, the serial killer or neutral, their goal is to survive.

    I know thats a really short summary but we're #nospoil here if your wanting a specific role like doctor perhaps just do a guestimate and see if your right! if you're  casted you'll know what role you have :) kinda like a surprise egg B)

     You can read up on town of Salem rules and roles if you want, but a quick explanation:


    Town: defeat the mafia and serial killer

    Mafia: kill the town and serial killer

    Serial Killer: kill the town and mafia

    Neutral: Complete the assigned goal (lynching a certain person, lynching themself, ect)


    Now for the real introduction to this page ;)

    Heyo This is the Casting call page for our Danganronpa Town of Salem hybrid youtube series. We haven’t thought of a name quite yet but keep on your toes bros for a really good name is coming soon…(maybe)

    Anyways we don’t really have a lot of work done on this project so if you wanna get in early and help us out you can freaking find us on discord B)))

    Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/BY7XTJU


    Or just us in general if you wanna send in an audition through discord or just wanna chat about this project or stuff:

    Lyric_the_??? #4925

    boi.its.me.clara #6181

    (btw this project for now is called DAMAZ cuz we have nothing else to call it)

    This project is going to be a choose your own adventure game on Youtube. Originally it was going to be programmed but we decided that would take way too long and would overall be kinda garbage, unless we got other programmers. 

     It’ll be something like Markiplier’s video: A DATE WITH MARKIPLIER 

    Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyU_1JD2wuA

    Not like in the story way, but in the way this Youtube series will function with all the different videos that can lead into each other.



    • A decent mic - don’t worry about having a terrible mic as long as you edit out background noise it should be fine

    • Enough time - This projects for fun so it’s fine if it’s a bit late, but please take it seriously and try to hand in lines, art or edits on time.

    • Actually wanting to do this - this project is for fun, and it’s totally fine if shortly after you’re casted you can’t or don’t want to be apart of it anymore. But if you think you can’t or don’t want to for whatever reason before casting, please don’t cast for a character or role. You can still follow the project through our discord though if you’re interested

    • Respect others and be nice- I think this is kinda obvious but like please respect other people casting and everyone else involved in this project. Basically don’t be a meanie

    • Be over 13 - this project will include things not suitable for young audiences


    ~ Advice for VA’s~

    • Have emotion in your voice

    • Record when you feel most comfortable like don’t record in the middle of the night trying not to wake people up. Even though you wanna do it right now; do it when it's the best time not when u see this post

    • You can totally “make the character yours” like people say. Choose a character you can most relate to, or like the most. It’d suck to have to voice act a character you hate.

    • If you want, you don’t have to use the lines we give do whatever you want and what you feel is best because honestly it's who gives the best performance not who can say the lines in a more appealing way

    • If you want to you can do the same line twice but in different ways. It doesn’t matter to us just whatever you think will most likely get you the line


    ~Advice for Artists~

    • Honestly we’ll  be making most of the art, but we will probably need more people, so if you can imitate different art styles please show us your work. 

    • The art style will most likely resemble the danganronpa art style, so you should probably include something like that in your art submission. (sprite,cg,splash)


    Anyways thanks for checking us out hopefully we get some nice bois :) 

    Good luck everyone!!!!

    About the Creator: Lyricthecat

    Hey bro

    i'm just on here to have some fun and meet people i really do like voice acting drawing and all that shoot and i'd like to be a part of something for once B//////

    i need to socialize

    the end

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold